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The case of the missing packed bowl!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by shell_09, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. Dum-di dum dum!
    the day in monday, my name is.. agent friday... anyway, it seems that since i use multiple bongs, i forget that i packed weed... or in some cases started the bowl even, and for some reason or another, i leave it and forget about it! I know that me doing that is "a stoner moment" does anyone else do that? or maybe i've been smoking too much, lol (ha no such thing as too much... ), but seriously i was bothered that i had run out.. and low and behold, I DID have weed! the moral is always check you're bongs twice you never know!

    -shay out
  2. yea i have dont that before. mainly in my bong, but you aren't alone. it kinda bugs me when i do it too. defintely a stoner moment.
  3. Man i do it with everything! Joints, bongs and pipes... i put it down, it's as good as forgotin'... mind you i was at canada's wonderland, and on the way back to my car i found a HUGE BLUNT, so i smoked it, and it was good!

    -shay out
  4. missing weed is never good
  5. haha, sometimes i pack a bowl, sit down, watch tv, and forget to actually smoke it, so i'll sit there sometimes for 1/2 hour wondering why the weed didn't get me lifted.


  6. AHAHA i quite enjoyed that.. i don't think i've ever not noticed that i hadn't started, maybe after i've started, i'll get so hungry that after i back a bowl i usually don't smoke it, eat and forget that i packed it... I love weed!

    -shay out
  7. to pack a bowl in my little pipe before I put it away. That way i don't have to fuck around with it when i go to use it next. Well, one time, i had just packed the last bit of weed, and put it back in her oakley case for safe keeping. I came back a few days later and pulled her out and the bowl was empty. "what the fuck" so i shook out the little glasses bag hoping that it had just fallen out. Somebody left a dollar. HMMMMM. Me thinks my mom mooched my weed. :)

    Oh well, the price you pay for having a mom whos cool with it.

  8. i usually series-roll joints. more than one have gone missing in the haze of stoned-ness, but i usually find the odd one when doing one of my all too seldom "operation clean-da-house".
  9. i dont think ive ever forgotten to smoke the bowl but i have accidently dumped out an unfinished bowl without noticing =/ usually happens when im standing and never sitting.
  10. I will normally have a pipe or bong packed in one room, and another packed in another room. But I do find sometimes that I will get interested in a movie or something, and wonder why I'm not high. Then I remember to hit the bowl.
  11. sometimes i'll pack the bong... then set it aside and pack the pipe, thinking i hit the bong already...

    only to find out later or the next morning, WOOT there is bud already! the ever-magical bowl has graced me with free weed, yaaaa-- er wait i packed that the other day.

    life's little surprises yay <3
  12. lol, i had a gram of dank that i put away for safe keeping once... went out and got all blazed with some friends. COMPLETELY forgot i put weed away for later. i go rummaging through my hiding spot looking for my eyedrops like 3 weeks later 'cause my contact was bothering me... out falls a gram of dank and i'm now the happiest person alive. i was all thinking that day would be weed free.

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