The Carter Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by PastyWhitey, Aug 7, 2008.

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    Was just shufflin thru the music library.

    The Original Carter is simply sick. Lil Wayne sounds where he should be, on a Mannie Fresh beat.

    Compared to The Carter, The Carter III is damn near pathetic.

    best player on my team/ when I ball women cheer
    and they love the way I come out with the gear
    this jacket theses shoes/ dont come out this year
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  3. Seems like in a the songs in the video he was either doing a cover, or paying ode to the rapper.

    Its normal. Every rapper uses lines from other rappers. The context in which he uses those lines in the songs, it pays amiage to the previous rapper.
  4. what does "the carter" mean or reference?
  5. DeWayne Carter.

    If you listen to the original, Lil Wayne paints the image of the happenings of a project named the Carter, which is actually a metaphor for himself.

    It has strayed since then.
  6. oh man, i thought he was trying to say "The Charter" and just spelled it completely wrong
  7. some of his most popular songs lyrics were straight copies, the whole chorus of pop bottles was straight copied, listen to the video, he copied biggie and tupac straight up from some of there most popular songs. He is a corprote made rapper who makes descent tracks from time to time, but most of his shit sucks or is copied.
  8. He sampled the verse from Jadakiss.

    Who guest stars in the Pop Bottles video? Jadakiss.

    Seems like Lil Wayne was doing Vocal Resampling.

    Instead of sampling a tight line, you say the line yourself. Its fairly common in rap for choruses.

  9. Agree, we do have a music section peeps
  10. Would you be mad if LeBron won the Dunk Contest by dunking from the free throw line while spreading his legs and doing a single handed tomahawk?

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