The Cannabible [ILLUSTRATED] (Hardcover)

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    The Cannabible[​IMG]

    Product Description
    Astounded by the lack of books dedicated to the wondrous variety of his favorite plant, author Jason King set out on a four-year mission to document the world’s finest cannabis. Traveling around North America, Hawaii, and Europe, he captured over 1,500 strains on film (benevolently sampling a good number as well). Here in THE CANNABIBLE, images of the best 200 varieties are included alongside engaging and informative descriptions of their aromas, flavors, effects, and origins. Study this holy writ and figure out whether Purple Haze, Magic Kush, and the “P” is da kine or da shwag; learn which strains will give you the munchies or the wobbles; discover how appropriately named are Doc Kevorkian, Black Widow, and Cat Piss; and find out which strains are good for productivity, creativity, or just sitting on the couch, staring into space. With over 400 mind-blowing, full-color photographs of the world’s most beautiful nugs, this book will have you on the floor, bowing to the mighty bud-dha.

    About the Author
    JASON KING has been studying the cannabis plant for fifteen years. He is a photographer and writer for several cannabis magazines, including Cannabis Culture. He lives in Hawaii.

    The Cannabible[​IMG]
  2. very good book. i recommend this to novice as well as expert growers.
  3. i have all 3 books, very nice to have, trying to turn them into pdf files
  4. I bought the 3 pack of The Cannabible A B and C in a smaller format and softcover this weekend.

    Great reading and Viewing.
  5. I also bought the 3 pack. Its a little more condenced...not sure if a few strains were "weeded" out, or just a few pages of pic's. Very good book. Lots of info into ton's of strains including crosses, location, potency (some), aroma, taste, smokability, and some basic pricing.
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    this book is bogus check it out for your self at your local bookstore. then check out a real grow book like ed rosenthals and you will notice the difference. one looks nice while the other is just filled with huge pages of massive amounts of information... some basic pricing lol... it tells you pricing on what, do you mean cannabusiness? or electricity? or the price of your weed? lol... be honest i thumbed through all three of these things a long while back and just chuckled... what a waste of money. if you really want this book for the strains? and potency? thats retarded get the big bud books or search :: Marijuana Strain Database | Search | Research
  7. This book is awesome but it is not a "grow" book at all. Just pictures of Dank bud. With short descriptions. I really enjoy the book regardless but it does not give any tips at all about cultivation. It doesn't even tell you flowering periods. I got the 3 pack as well on soft cover. The Canabis GRow Bible is a good book for beginners though. I bought it after growing for a few years and didn't learn anything new though. so only get it if your wet behind the ears.

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