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The Cabinet I'm Planning.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by JayBlizzle, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Being new to cultivation of any kind, I tried to do my homework before planning anything. Here's a grow cabinet I'm planning based on what I've learned so far. This design is mostly taken from a video I saw on DIY cabinets, but I tweaked it to meet my budget/space limitations. The Figure references are in the attachment at the bottom. Also, don't hate on the artwork; it was all done with MS Paint :cool: All constructive criticism and advice is appreciated.

    (Figure 1) The cabinet will be 3'x3'x6' (54 CF). The frame will be 2x3's braced by 2x2's around the sides, top, and bottom. The top and bottom cross members are 2x3's. The front is separated by a 2x2 to allow for a door, also made from 2x2's. The entire frame will be enclosed with ¾” insulated foam panels painted flat white on the inside and sealed with caulk. The floor will be ½” plywood with insulated foam on top. I'm using the insulated panels because 1) they're fairly rigid and 2) it's winter and this closet will be in my garage...I think.

    (Figure 2) For ventilation I was planning on passive intake and active exhaust. Intake will be two 4”x14” floor registers near the bottom of the left and right sides. The exhaust will be a 6” (250 CFM) in-line duct fan connected to a short duct. The duct will connect to a homemade 4” filter via a 6” to 4” reducer. Filter will be made per specs found here. I will also hang one or two small, no bigger than 6”, mounted fans inside.

    Lighting is something I'm still trying to figure out. I'm planning to use this cabinet for veg and flower. Can I do a 400w digital ballast so I can use 400w MH for veg and 400w HPS for flower? A rack or shelf could be attached to the 2x2 braces midway up to bring the plants closer to an MH bulb during veg; I assume a pair of yo-yo hangers would help here, too. When ready to flower could I just remove the shelf, transplant into bigger pots on the bottom, and replace the MH with the HPS bulb? Also, should the exhaust on the ceiling be enough to control heat or will I need to actively cool my light?

    I know I'll have questions about a lot of other stuff later, but I wanted to get my cabinet knocked out first.

    EDIT: Removed attachment, added picture.

    Cabinet Design.jpg

  2. Sounds good man. I can't see the pic but seems your on the right track. Try and check my grow out I did a 400 watt mh for veg and hps for flower. People say it can't be done my temps and humidity is perfect. Just check my cabinet out to give you an idea of what you need to do. I changed my fan to on top of the filter. It cut the noise to basically none. I can post a pic of it if you like.

  3. Yeah, I'd like to take a look at it!
  4. Ill post a pic in 2 seconds man. Walking my dog and then I will.
  5. Ok well a little longer than 2 seconds lol but here is my cabinet. Works amazingly. Minus the cabinet I have about $550 in this set up. That's all. It has a carbon filter and mh hps light 400 watt 400 cfm 6 inch fan with a speed. Controller that's also including my soil nutes sheers smart pot everything. Obviously I just replanted but she is growing strong and fast!

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  6. I have another question about the ventilation. Is the 250 CFM fan I'm planning on using too beefy for my closet at 54 CF? Will it filter the air too often and put my plants at risk of not getting enough CO2?
  7. No if there is air around the plant it will still breathe. I use 400 cfm for my cabinet man. You will be golden. With a speed controller you can adjust it to your likings also and adjust temp. They are $10 on amazon.

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