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  1. The body is so complex. We normally think of ourselves as one living thing but were made up of millions of cells that are all living. The brain is even weirder because We think of ourselves as having only one conscious but we have many brain cells and many different parts to the brain.
    Its so crazy, how it all comes together. Also we hold animal instincts that our somehow built in. Its literally memories from our ancestors. Man, how deep does the mind go?
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    This deep.

  3. +rep my brother
  4. I agree with everything except that our animal instincts are "memories from our ancestors." Our animal instincts come more in the form of hormone release at different stimuli, and the fact that we share the large majority of our genes with our ancestors, which means our brain development is similar.
  5. Deep and shallow support each other.

    The Mind is everything.
  6. We have animal instincts because oh ya we're animals. We are no different then any other animal. The only difference is how we act and learn from our experiences. From that we have come to the point where we think we are special and animals are not.

    but i do agree, the brain is fucking incredible and mysterious.
  7. The animal instinct isn't so much a memory as it is part of our makeup from evolution. There is the instinctive mind which animals possess, then we as humans are transitioning into the Intellectual Mind, but you'd be amazed that we're not really that far out of the Instinctive Mind into the Intellectual yet. Look at the tests done on monkeys with cocaine, a monkey will press a button to get an injection of cocaine rather than a button to get food. This characteristic of the Instinctive Mind enslaves most people. Most people live for pleasuring the Instinctive Mind, their whole life revolves around it. whether it is drugs, eating good food, obtaining material possessions to give a sense of being Alpha, or sex. These are all lower natures of the Instinctive Mind, the "7 deadly sins" are all aspects of the lower nature, and are not "deadly sins" in that they anger God, as there is no hell, but they are obstacles to the evolution of the soul, as you must master the Instinctive Mind and move through the intellectual mind in order to reach the spiritual mind.

    Also, you seem to be under the impression that the cells of the brain are what produce consciousness. This is not the case. The same way that different kinds of wires can harness and conduct electricity at different levels, it is the same with the brain. The more the brain develops through evolution, the easier it is able to harness and conduct the consciousness that permeates the Universe. Eventually with self mastery you begin to harness other types of energy/force with the Mind (the power your brain harnesses) such as the akasa chronicle, the finest form of matter (the ether) where all of history and written things are recorded. It naturally takes in information the same way that information can be put on silicon, and also how your carbon based brain stores the information that you see. But since akasa/ether permeates all matter and all space, it records EVERYTHING, but you will only be able to know what your Mind (not the brain) is developed enough to grasp.

    This matter is kind of "too occult" for most of you guys to understand or even believe so I won't waste my time going any further in explaining it.
  8. nice attitude :rolleyes:

    Our senses are constantly absorbing experiences. Our brain processes and stores these experiences.
    It is always a mind fuck to hear that we don't even fully use 1/8 of our brain, if even. Think if we could fully use everything our brain is capable of.

    if we could use our brains to 99% think about it, you could recall everything thats ever happened to you. You could absorb new information so fast and not have to repeat it to remember it. Its all fucking nutzzzz:smoking:
  9. maybe we are only using the 1/8 of our brain consciously and the other part is subconscious which is what you might be saying...but if we could unlock it...oooo the power
  10. rigghtt bro, whatever you say...
  11. Actually the thing about using less than 1/8 of your brain is false. You use less than 1/8 of your brain for cognitive thinking, but the rest of your brain is busy doing it's own thing. So there would be no way to harness that extra 7/8 of your brain without shutting down such useful things as your senses, your breathing, etc.
  12. I think what he means by too occult for us is that it is kind of "out there" and most people are skeptical of it. Not that were dumb.

    Also from research i have read the "we only use 10% of our brain" thing is kind of inaccurate. It doesn't mean we only use 10% through our whole lives it means that at one time we only use about 10%. kind of like how we dont use 99% of our muscles at once.

  13. Haha didn't see this. well at least we agree haha :p
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    This. I'd be more than happy to explain anything to someone who has a genuine interest in it, but I do not try to teach people things I know they will not bother even considering. Sure there are people on here who are indeed ready for those kind of teachings, but it would be a waste of my time to post something I don't even know will help anyone for certain.

    Plenty of people have PM'd me asking me to "teach them" and I am more than happy to provide them with a rather long list of material to study. Whether they are developed enough to understand it is none of my concern, the student can only hear the frequencies his ears can perceive.

    A teacher will never bother trying to prove anything he says is fact, when the student is ready he will come to understand it. You can't know something until you've experienced it, until then it is only faith. I do not profess anything I cannot verify myself from personal experience.
  15. Galileo Galilee stated, "You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself."
  16. My experience of trying to teach people things is this:

    Only teach if they ask for it.

    On the internet its a bit different though because the words are just floating there and people can ignore it or seek it out through searching so its more like a book.

    Things can get shitty if you try to tell someone something they aren't ready to hear.
  17. in his defense he has written A LOT about his philosophy and beliefs
    and its mostly fallen on deaf ears(including my own) so i dont blame him
  18. Agreed, i have had the same experience. In fact i have even been made fun of in some cases. Its really frustrating.
  19. touche'

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