the boys are back in town

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  1. Not really back in town, but today and tomorrow are both half days of school for finals. Today Blaine and tyler, came over smoke some bowls, played some pool, then they went off to school..I sat around the house, playing pool, and watching movies till about 12 they came over. we talked to my friend matt and he went to east of chicago.

    us three went to my grandmas where i got some money the offered me. then went back hom , we played a little pool then my moms boyfriend yelled at me, something about respect so told him to fuck off and left. and we went to town after i changed my clothes we went to my friend kevins who was at work, and talked to his neighbor jack, we called our dealer there.. he delivers.

    i bought an eighth and rolled a joint and we smoked it there on the picnic table. then we got gas outside the walmart, and rolled another joint, smoked in the on the way to blaines grandmas, he grabbed something then they took me home.

    now im typing this and talking to sarah. probably will get together in a little while and smoke some bowls and play basketball or drive golfballs or something. maybe go back out to kevins and ride a gokart., race them through town

    it was a pretty uneventful day
  2. Well you got my vote for Most Pointless Thread Ever.
  3. Yeah...really that was pointless. Anyways, none of us know who any of these people are!
  4. its not entirely pointless, it keppt me entertained for 2 minutes. Thanks man, welcome to the citayy:wave:

  5. If that's what you call unevnetful...
  6. HALF DAYS!?!
    In my province we get fucking full weeks off, on midterms and finals, and I only have like 4 days to go in out of 6 or 7 days so just sweet toking time.

  7. lol right, i was gonna say something exactly like that haha.

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