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Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta_Man, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. I'm not sure how many of you do this.

    This is sort of a tradition for new smokers.

    You put this 'invisible box' over the new smokers head, miming it obviously and then everybody goes about prentending to talk, smoke, whatever.

    It is absolutley hilarious, because half the people either start laughing or try to convince themselves its a trick... but then end up laughing.

    Only works on new smokers though.
  2. Ill put a pot over your head!
  3. yeah or if u want to really freak someone out get like 5 people to act like their talking and just mouth out words . funniest shit ever
  4. OMG i love when you and couple people simultaniously start to trick someone into believing something, and it works. For example one day, I moved all the furniture in my room so that it was the exact same layout, but on the other side of the room, sorta like symmetrical. I invited my friends over and we all get high, and this girl madison sez: Wait dude, did you move around your room? and I say no, what are you talking about. My 3 other friends pitch in and we start telling this girl she must be trippin pretty hard because my room didnt change. She was speechless lol.
  5. they call that the bubble around here. i had it done to me on my first blunt. its basically the same thing as rasta's except they put you in a bubble instead of putting a box on your head. its pretty badass.
  6. Hahahaha!

    We managed to convince a friend of mine that one of his socks were black when both of them where white.

    Okay... maybe it was a little funnier if you had been there.
  7. I've done this to somone before I started smoking, it was hilarious to watch.

  8. yes, ive been "boxed" and "bubbled" both times was by somone i didnt know, and i guess he just thought it was hilarious, and someone else just cimmed in that i am a smoker and he was like oh sorry, and i just laughed with him and told him i love the trick and shit and we can only do it to brand new smokers lol..

    Good shit

    and yes i only bubble people
  9. Heh I've had that done to me before. I wasn't even exactly a new smoker, it was just the first time I'd smoked more than a gram in a session (birthday party...twas a big deal then), and I had recently done shrooms so the weed brought the trip back. My buddies did it to me and did it absolutely perfect, I obviously knew they were fucking around but it was still some trippy shit.
  10. lol once me and my friend played a trick on my other friend by talking REALLY slow and low and playing a chopped and slowed version of bizzy bone's "fried day" song.

    man he was freaking out lmao i wish i could have caught it on camera.

    edit: damn, soundclick wont load the links. well, if anyones interested enough, search fried day under SONGS. the song by MICRO PINNOYZ is the original, and the song by Buddahlovaz is the slow version.
  11. We convinced my friend we lit him on fire. Lol. He fell outta his chair and rolled around screaming.

    And my friends and I convinced my g/f we were doing coke and heroin and all this shit. She was freaking out. Then...she was like...I really wanna do some cstasy and eat some meat. [doesnt do drugs, doesnt eat meat] We didnt give her the stuff but it made for a good story the next morning.
  12. yo we do that shit all the time, this one time we were commin back from wendys and there was a cop so we had 2 kids in the back one of em had some nug on him. so my brother goes oh shit fuckin cops! (jokin aorund that they were followin us) and then were all like oh shit wtf we gona do we go down a side road and hit 60 haha and this kid in the back is just shittin his pants. he goes dude what the fuck i cant get caught with nug again so were like fucking eat that shit hahaha he eats it
  13. See what happens when you fuck around :p You lose a nug....

    It's all fun and games until you lose a nug lol
  14. FUCK U ANDPEOPLE LIKE U! haha jk jk

    BUT, one time i was rolling a J in my friends car on the highway with the window down a lil to throw stems out, and he goes, SHIT COP! so i just throw the weed and paper out the window and hes like, i was JUST PLAYING! and we basically got in a fist fight haha
  15. LOL that's hysterical! I can so see why you got so paranoid. If you get another weed charge, you probably got life, huh?

  16. haha if i get charged again im totally fucked, if i get pulled over and put in jail fo rthe night again, i doubt ill be coming out for a LONG time lol.

    I WAS LIVID when he did that!
  17. lmao.

    My first smoking friends were totally lame. They never played any tricks on me or my friends. I, on the other hand, did take a few blades snipe hunting. I find that stoned snipe hunters are funnier than drunk snipe hunters.

    [snipe - as told to me so long ago, a small extremely slow furry animal (that you can designate a color and size for yourself) that does not actually exist.]
  18. Hey my snipe totally just posted above me.
  19. I DO exist...I swear!!!!

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