The box is sorta dead, if you awake COME IN NOW

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Greck1, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Hey fellas, dont know your timezones but I didnt goto sleep last nite, :hello::devious:

    This thread is about WHY you are awake, and WHAT you are doing.

    story of the last day, say anything really.

    Im up and on addy first time in a year pretty cool. forgot how powerful they actually are AHA:smoke:
  2. im on east coast. woke up a lil bit ago. hitting the bong right now chechking up on GC
  3. good good, got reall good with some old friends always great.
  4. Lol there are a lot of reasons why I can't sleep. Being broke and carless are just a few. Having no jobs around and a college degree are some more. Lol one of best friends got picked up yesterday after passing out in a public a bathroom. At least she only got a paraphanelia charge. The drugs were already injected by the time cops got there. It just pisses me off that her so called friends bailed and left her there. Come hell or high water if one of my friends passes out somewhere I am going to carry there ass to safety. Hoping to get faced today.
  5. I'm awake because it's 2:14pm
  6. Y Hai Thar

    I'm awake because it's 6:58am
  7. I dont sleep:eek:
  8. I've been up since 6, but now I'm home for lunch :hello:
  9. its 8:45 on the west coast, im bout to head ta work for the day, then get my nod on tonight wooo
  10. Im awake because it's 10 past 6. I want fish n chips :/
  11. 11:10 a.m. - I am never up this early but I actually had to go to sleep early last night before my classes. didn't stop me from smoking a few bowls... that turned out badly but that's another story.
  12. well I'm a few hours late, but I was on gc at the time. I had to get up for class. But first I browsed GC and smoked.
  13. so whos up?
  14. Late night Pink Floyd on TV.

    Comfortably Numb solo, atm.
  15. Yo 3:16AM.

    Been blazin since 3pm after I got my blu ray player and movies:hello:
    Been celebrating all damn day
  16. im just sittin here takin bong hits

    finally found my camera and it can take macros i think so expect to see my stash soon
  17. movie night so i'm smoking a couple of bowls and just finished watching Death Proof, awesome movie by the way, and just about to watch District 9 and smoke some more.
  18. watching tv and forum browsing for me. Its 1:23 in the morning here, so I just finished smoking three joints to my face, so I'm gonna listen to music and fall asleep eventually :smoke:
  19. I never slept runnin on addys and caffenie. and its 4:26 am on the east coast
  20. It's almost 2 in the morning, i've got some promethazine in me, waiting for it to take effect so I can plug some adderall

    The box is always kind of dead, I guess the 150+ users claimed to be on here are just like me, leaving GC open all day and all night

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