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The bong hit experience

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by mistahsparklez, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. So for all of you regular bong tokers like myself, what is your favorite part of the bong hit experience? Is it...

    A) grinding and/or packing the bowl
    B) milking the bong
    C) clearing the bong
    D) exhaling the smoke

    I personally like milking the bong the best as i like watching the smoke build up


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  2. I love packing bowl #2. Best feeling by far.

    Toke On!
  3. Yeah packing a perfect bowl for the situtaion is a beautiful sight.
  4. the worst part. all the phlem you get. thats why i stik to the bom shatter
  5. Clearing.

    Nothing like shooting that huge cloud of thick smoke into your lugs
  6. The sound of snapping a big packed cone of some good ganja
  7. Packing the bowl. I'm not usually one to brag but I can pack it so nice you'll feel bad about burning it.
  8. What happened to the getting high aspect thats my fav part

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  9. Either milking or exhaling. Exhaling that much smoke leaves a lot of time to practice smoke rings!
  10. Exhaling. I have a bong u put ice in helps with the coughing.

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  11. All of them. I like each one equally.

    I was trying to decide and I was like, definitely milking, no but clearing is super fun too, but exhaling is also really cool, but loading is such an art.

    So I decided all of them.

    Drugs are bad, mkay?
  12. [​IMG]  [​IMG]
  13. Exhaling, because the headrush sets in just right....
  14. losing my fucking mind
  15. milking it and exhaling i love seeing the amount of smoke that went in my lungs.
  16. Exhale.

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  17. exhaleee. It's fun to blow o's and watch them drift away :)
  18. I'd say either milking it or clearing it, both feel great

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  19. Milking/hearing the bowl snap is my favourite.

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