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Discussion in 'General' started by irie vibes, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. alright so im a big fan of bitching about stuff when it bugs me but i dont like to bug my friends with it so im just gonna do it here. feel free to add on if you wanna bitch about anything, if it doesnt catch on it doesnt catch on but i figured id give it a shot.

    so im just getting over mono (which blows btw if youve never had it) and ive got hw and college apps out the ass. this weekend's my big catch-up/work ahead weekend cuz ive got an econ unit project due friday, 3 weeks of chem to get caught up on and another weeks worth of it to due ahead of time because its all due a week from monday and im out of town next weekend, ive gotta crank on college essays esp for my early decision college, and so in short im kinda stuck at my house. we just got a really nice WNW swell in this weekend and im going to miss it today and tomorrow because of hw, and on the off chance that i get to surf monday, ill be set back in my hw. the only really relaxing time ive got left is a blink-182 and weezer concert on sunday night, but i can't blaze there at all cuz of the mono (if u blaze when ur not totally over mono apparently it really fucks with ur system and i dont really wanna risk it). so on the upside i get to relax and enjoy my sunday evening, but i cant do anything else randomly for fun for like the next two weeks (between school and the fieldtrip next weekend).

    so ya thats my story, feel free to post up urs

    and btw to ppl who may criticize this thread, its not meant to be a bunch of pissed off people, just a way for people to flush out whatever it is that pisses them off so they can get over it without actually being bitchy or pissed off for long.

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