The birth of standup comedy (best and worst)

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  1. When does everyone think modern standup comedy was born? I have been a fan of standup comedy for some time. My all time favorites have been Dave Chappelle, Patton Oswalt, Lewis Black, and more recently comics like hannibal Buress T.J. Miller, and Tom Segura.

    My question is when do you guys think modern standup comedy was born? To me standup comedy was not funny before Richard Pryor. I am watching one of his specials now on comedy central and it is quite modern and pretty funny. Before him standup comedy just wasn't funny. Even some comics that later became funny like Bill Cosby weren't funny before Richard Pryor came along. Cosby's special "Himself" is a fantastic stand up special, but his stuff before Pryor was a star just doesn't do it for me.

    So when do people here think that stand up comedy became relevant and who are some of your current favorites?

    Also I am curious who you think the worst stand up comics of all time are. I personally think that Jeff Dunham is the worst stand up comic of all time. The sad thing I heard on our comedy station here in KC recently that he is the top selling live stand up comedian of all time. What do you guys think?
  2. Louis CK is my favorite, by far.

    Chappelle's hilarious too, especially when he's being interviewed on Conan. But he hasn't been on that show for a while.
  3. Isn't the act of comedy is to make people laugh aka entertain with jokes, also relate with the audience on personal issues and the world crisis? I don't know if this is true but the person's level of energy can influence whether or not they'll be future favorites.

    Here's Bill Cosby on drugs:
    [ame=]Bill Cosby Drugs - YouTube[/ame]

  4. ^From Bill Bosby: Himself. A special that I mentioned. He would never have been that funny if not for the standard that Richard Pryor created. A hilarious special though.
  5. So it was the strategy of Richard Pryor that changed the game of comedy? Pryor was something else: he was eccentric, wild, off the edge, also that "unmentionable" might have influence his delivery on stage. But also don't forget about George Carlin.
  6. I have never been a big fan of George Carlin although I respect what he did. I have just never find him that funny.
  7. George Carlin had more of a political view but never-less, still was a great comedian; not everything a comedian does is always going to be about humor. What Carlin did was revolutionary, a lot of people could relate to him because of the way he articulated explained things which were very true and had a lot of logical sense to them. He had the balls too do it and wasn't afraid of any criticism which made him an warrior in the game.

    He probably more-so influenced free thinking.
  8. if you are talking about modern stand up comedy, I want to throw Andy Kaufman's name into the discussion. Before Andy, the goal of a stand up act was to make the audience laugh...anything else was a failure.

    But Kaufman changed the game. His goal was to entertain, and took liberties with his audience few at the time were doing...He preferred the joke to be played on the crowd, without them knowing half the time...

    since beginning of time, people have gotten on a stage and told jokes. This goes back to the days of the court jester...Kaufman broke a barrier that nobody else at the time did...

    yeah, not the typical stand up comic, but thats the point. he redefined what stand up comedy could be, and though I credit Carlin for the observational humor that is so abundant now a days, kaufman showed how you can be successful without ever getting one laugh from the audience...

    fucking brilliant...the single biggest inspiration as far as my Santa shit goes...

    Thanks Andy
  9. Lenny Bruce changed the game.
  10. I really love stand up comics.

    Some of Chris Rocks stuff puts me on the floor.

    My favorite old time stand up is Rodney Dangerfield.

  11. The classic line "I get no respect I tell ya, no respect" guy was such a crack up RIP.
  12. Nobody like Paul Mooney, I wanna meet this man

  13. "I know I'm ugly, every night the kids flip a coin to see who has to kiss me goodnight!"

    "I went to my doctor, you know my doctor, doctor Vinneboombass. He told me I was too fat! So I said, doctor, I think I want a second opinion, so he said, OK - you're ugly too!"

  14. You got something against Lenny Bruce?
  15. Eddie Griffin is my all time favorite.

    Jeff Dunham, on the other is my least favorite. I've seen many of his videos with friends, they would all be dying laughing and I'd be sitting there with a straight face. talented man just not even remotely funny in my opinion
  16. I think dennis leary's no cure for cancer really put stand up on the for recent guys i love ralphie may
  17. I've never seen anyone wear their heart of their sleeve as much as Bill Hicks. I know this doesn't answer your question but he was just as influential in my mind as Carlin was, especially in regards to freedom of speech and choice.
  18. Bill Hicks is way up there in my book ^^^^

    this could be a great thread, everybody posting there favorite comedians stand up bits.
  19. Cant forget eddie murphy
  20. all my favs have been covered but worst stand up comics of all time is a tie between larry the cable guy and carlos mencia jesus those guys hacks

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