The bio bizz feeding schedule.

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    The BIO-BIZZ GROW and BIO-BIZZ BLOOM chart is for rooted cuttings not seedlings.

    The optimum PH of the compost for maintaining health and growth is 6.5 to 6.8. It is much harder for the compost to buffer up than to buffer down.

    If you do PH down not below 6.5 you will mess up the micro flora and if not very careful ruin the compost.

    As soon as the rootball in 4" starter pots is filled with fine/plenty roots move them to your 6" pots and pot up as the pots get full of roots (seen through the drain holes for quicker root formation).

    Same story for the move to the final pots. Once in the final pots let them root out the soil ball before flowering as a general rule of thumb once all the plants are showing roots at the drainage holes. Switch to 12/12.

    You should not need any feed right through these stages. Once you are on 12/12 start feeding 1 ml of both grow and bloom to a litre of water.

    At about week 2 of flowering change the mix to 1 ml grow and 2 ml bloom per litre.

    At week 3 (21 days) add a one off feed of a level tea spoon of epsom salts per 5 litres of water and add to that 1 ml of grow and 2 ml of bloom.

    Round the 4 week mark the mix is 1ml grow and 3ml bloom.

    Once you start to see browning of pistils change to 2ml grow and 1ml bloom and keep with that till the end.

    All you really need is grow and bloom and a little epsom salts.

    Hope this makes sense.

    As an added point if you see the tissue between the veins on the lower leaves turning a lighter green at any point its likely to be the first signs of MG shortage so starting an addition of a little epsom salts to the next feed should keep things right. Don't over do this or else you can lock out other nutrients.

    (how i grow).



  2. The optimum PH of the compost for maintaining health and growth is 6.5 to 6.8. It is much harder for the compost to buffer up than to buffer down.

    If you do PH down not below 6.5 you will mess up the micro flora and if not very careful ruin the compost.

    Could you explain the hows and whys?

    If through completely natural microbe interaction, or nutrient cycling the ph goes down to 6.2, your saying that is bad? Sorry but, I'm not buyiung what your selling in this post.

    I don't think the magic happens in bottles, or at a specific ph. The real magic is what is going on in your soil. Quality humus content will buffer the ph through plant/humus interaction. So if the plant wants something from the soil (soil is loosely everything in it) the plants will exude to stimulate microbes to do it's bidding.

    I'm not trashing your bio biz, I'm just saying in organic soil growing the soil mix should be your primary concern. Humus should be a part of the mix. Then a side dish of whatever organic food you want would be appropriate. Don't think the side dish is the whole enchilada....MIW
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    No i can't explain but this is how i grow and this info was given to me around 6 years a go and its a no brainer. My soil is also bio-bizz allmix consisting of peat moss/sphagnum peat/worm castings and perlite. This soil is 6.6 PH and works great with the bio bizz grow and bloom and thats the full meal with the side dish.
  4. can one of you please tell me how long the nutes in all mix are good for before i should add nutes? im on day 25 veg atm! please help if u can i cannot find this info anywhere!
  5. Why is this ad being posted in the organic forum?
  6. because bio bizz is organics? lol
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    No it is not - LOL backache!

    They use their OMRI 'listing' as a pretense for being organic. OMRI can't certify a single thing - even their own mission statement will tell you that.

    As a matter of fact, Bio Bizz has a rather unique moniker - the only company to have their entire product line banned by the Oregon Department of Agriculture for mislabeling and their claim that their gunk/junk is 'organic' based on the OMRI listing is the reason for the delisting.

    Yuck it up! LOL

    You're welcome.


  8. WRONG! Try again? ;)
  9. well u learn something new everyday haha
  10. Yeah but marketing techniques never change and educating yourself is always invaluable.
  11. can any1 answer my question then lol? first time using all-mix so im clueless
  12. Try the hydro forum.
  13. I can answer it: if you please, burn through the bio-bizz you have and when youre done, take those 60$ you were going to spend on the next half gallon of bio biz and go to your local farm supply/concentrates shop. Tell them you need 60$ worth of "the basics"- some quality compost, some kelp and alfalfa meals, bone meal, and if you're lucky neem seed meal. and get some oyster shell powder and sul-po-mag, and some rock dust or azomite.

    You'll be really glad you don't have to measure EC or PH any longer- and your plants will certainly look a lot nicer than they do now (no offense)

    by the way i'd advise you sell your bio bizz on craigslist. sorry for the next person whose stuck with it, but maybe some day they'll see the light to and you saved them a trip to the hydro store

    hey it's what i did back when

    enjoy :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  14. Also you can usually tell if your plants need feeding.... By looking at them.

    fuck 'nutrient schedule' and hydro garbage lingo.

    And feel free to stop by the organics section after perusing the stickies, if you have any organic questions I'm sure you'll get the answers you need from the experts around here

  15. Is BioBizz mislabeled?

    What kind of gunk/junk is not registered or not organic in the biobizz series?
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    The current status on the few remaining products is 'Unregistered Product' with a date of 11/10

    Meaning that they don't and can't expect that the certification process wouldl end up in their favor.

    For this company specifically, their main transgression was using the term 'organic' on their label when it is not and never could pass any certification process by any agency which is why they played fast and loose with the OMRI 'listing' and calling it a 'certification'

    Botanicare and General Hydroponics are getting their asses kicked in this 'new era' of regulatory enforcement by both ODA and EPA.

    Touching times indeed.

  17. Non of it is organic by any stretch of the imagination.

    Keep in mind that there are many definitions by various agencies and people, of what organic is. In the case of BioBiz, it's a buzz word to charge more and reach a wider market.

    imo of course.

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