The Big Tooth (from Seed to Weed) 400w HID DWC

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    Hey guys, I finally got my grow tent and everything is hidden and set up. My lights are on the way and I still have yet to make the buckets and buy the nutrients but other than that I should be ready.
    My lights will be here no later than monday and I am unsure if I should start germinating my three Big Tooth seeds or if I should wait til I have my lights and my nutes. Also take a look at these pictures, I planned on just simply pulling the tent to the side and then maintaining it that way. will this disrupt the plants at all or should i just pull the desk away?
    One last thing its always pretty freaking chilly down in the basement in both winter and summer, do I really need any ducting or can I just throw an intake fan on the bottom with a  carbon filter. on the inside of the tent? Snapchat--2264093348926136417.jpg Snapchat-4233022420987096687.jpg Snapchat--5523308593659732123.jpg


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