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The big picture.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jakkshadd, May 10, 2011.

  1. This is purely speculative but i think i've figured out why pot is still illegal. i watched the union again and slowly put the pieces together from past facts i've heard. obama said, legalizing pot would not be so well for the economy right now, and here's possibly why he said so.

    the union said there is an increase in jails being built, prisoners being put in them, and pharmaceutical companies making like 512 billion dollars and rising. legalization will one, cut jobs. police officers, defense lawyers, and maybe other jobs concerning to the law will be cut, because a large section of their work is, busting potheads. without potheads, no jobs. and yes legalizing it will reduce spending because the majority of law enforcement spenditures go to busting potheads, but the jobs it creates are apparently more important. two, prisons make money off all the potheads who end up goin to jail, which is a large majority of prisoners. so we've become the scapegoats to boost money in a debted america. and then pharmeceutical companies boost the economy from all the sick people who think they need those drugs to get by. if pot was legalized, alot more people would turn to pot and money will be drained from those big companies. not to mention pharmeceutical companies pay off people to get on their side of the agenda.

    we have a HUGE hurdle to overcome. we've been looking at this all wrong... the legalization of pot isnt about morality anymore, its all about money. its wrong, but this world we live in is run by money. so the best way to get pot legalized, is to show the government, that it'll be essentially worth it. literally. we have to show them, that it'll boost the economy, instead of draining it.
  2. The billions of dollars the government would make off the pot industry should help out the economy and create many jobs in the workings.
  3. But he's right, there are billions of dollars going to be lost with the jobs being cut.
    Sure the government can some money off pot but only the potheads will be buying.
    There are still LOTS of people with preconceived notions about pot and will turn their kids away and ect.
  4. the police are not out there to bust people smoking pot, they are out there to enforce the law. the prohibition of marijuana is only one of many laws that they are enforcing. same with defense lawyers, there will still be criminals in need of defending. and i'm pretty sure we pay for those prisons with our taxes, so more money in our pockets.

    what i do agree with you on, is the pharmaceutical companies. they would be the first in line to attack any legalization attempts, for the simple reason that they are greedy. they don't care about the health and economic stability of the people, they only care about the money in their pocket.
  5. The marijuana plant is so useful none of what you said would matter. If this plant became legal then all our problems would be solved.

    True story.

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