The big one!

Discussion in 'General' started by helloMarketing, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. California will break off into the ocean and then melting glaciers will cover it and millions will die
  2. California is well over due for the "big one" but they have been saying that for years.

    Also this article is pretty old.

    Sorry man my crystal ball is broken :/
  3. Well anyone in GC is a science expo to tell me more info??? Srry but my google doesn't work

  4. God forbid you use a different search engine
  5. Your all going to die.
  6. The thing I liked when I lived in Florida, at least you got advanced warning when a hurricane comes.
  7. I'd say just get the fuck outside and away from anything that can fall. That's what I'm gonna do at least.
  8. Silly Californians are all going to die
  9. lol more Cali problems.
  10. The real problem is the weather, it's fuckin' cold down here, man!
  11. Yupp, Cali's a goner :eeeek for y'all:

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