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    Hey Grass City

    Hear it is the BIG GROW everything from pot to the hottest pepper in the world this is my sixth grow for pot 1st grow for hot peppers so I will be growing my main strain Blackout Kush witch is a cross between
    Blackout * Afghan Kush = bush Kush
    Afghan Kush
    black out
    Also I will be growing a good strain Big Buddha Seeds - Blue Cheese fem seed  and a new Strain for me mazar non fem
    Also Will be growing a lot of hot peppers also Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper)Bishop Crown Scotch Bonnet Habanero And Jalapeno under a
    T5 6500k
    400w hps with Eye Hortilux Bulb
    in 6” cool tube
    400w digital ballest
    Space Size is
    4' wide * 2' deep * 7' high
    Walls: Wight Vynal
    1 high speed fan on cool Tube
    High speed inlet
    Organic Soil with 10% perlite
    20% cow manure
    20% sheep manure
    10% bone meal
    Seaweed / kelp feed


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