The Big Bang, its happening now.

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  1. I dont know if many people really keep up with science or read it when stoned like I do. Its just super interesting stuff when your stoned. The other night I watched the first episode of a series called "How the Universe Works", the first episode was about the big bang theory. Of course on netlfix you can find this series.

    It just really talked about how scientist nowadays are tending to believe that the big bang is still in fact happening, as the universe is expanding and everything is pushing away from us. And if you think of it as a explosion in a sense, if its moving away, its still exploding.

    It also goes into deep discussion about how time is just a perception we have created to put order to something for us to follow or comprehend.

    If anyone else has any comments or other topics from the series or episode. Please start up a discussion. I really want to talk to people about this.
  2. Time is subjective, I don't believe anything ever begins or ends. Perhaps the big bang is constantly cycling.
  3. [ame=][M/V] BIGBANG -[/ame]

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  4. You know that's funny, because everyone always ask, "what happen before the big bang?"
    SOMETHING had to happen.
    But I suppose it is possible, that something was created from nothing.
    Just hard to wrap our heads around it because it breaks everything in our reality.
    Who knows.
  5. motha fucka
    i am the big bang
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  6. [quote name='"qualitysense"']This show is pretty interesting as well, you can watch it at the link below.

    NOVA | The Fabric of the Cosmos[/quote]

    ^^ part 2 was awesome. Time is irrelevant without a means to gauge, therefore, by the laws of physics it is cyclical, random, linear and planned. (Shits crazy man)
  7. Time is real.. in a sense, time is evolution. Without progression/motion, reality would remain still.. however time as we understand it is purely relative.
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  8. As hard as it is to believe, it is possible that time had a beginning.

  9. this^

    motion causes 4 things. a new place, an old place, a before, and an after. Time and space are created by motion
  10. Nothing exploded. You're saying the universe is still expanding? Indeed.
  11. I am to fucked at the moment to grab the link if no one else posts it I will tommorow.

    But my best drunken comment.

    They found a galaxy 12 billion light years away which would mean that the parts(way to drunk for fancy terms) came from the original big bang. Its an interesting read
  12. Exactly man.
    Like in a sense. Stars are just huge ass history books, to what happen at the beginning.
    And the deeper we go into space...the deeper we go to the beginning.

    But also the for all those reading this. THE UNIVERSE IS STILL EXPANDING.
    [link: WMAP- Expansion of the Universe ] Its pretty open and common knowledge/belief

    So really what Im trying to say is, if were still expanding...then well in a sense we may be closer to the beginning than we thought.
  13. But then we go off into crazy theory land for example a theory(I do not believe it but you never know) We know the universe is still expanding we also know certain atoms only begin to change when observed by humans. Some parts of the universe will only expand once observed by humans.

    Crazy theory 1. We are a computer program and it is saving space by using this method
  14. wait explain that...if time is only a perception what is life like without time?

    that just fucking blew my mind.
  15. Can you explain this to me? :confused:
  16. In short.

    In order to observe something, you have to interact with it. In general you have to bounce something (like a photon) off of it. This will change its position, its velocity, its momentum from what it would have been had you not observed it, but you don't know how. That's the easy uncertainty principle. There are much weirder effects, though. People have devised very clever experiments that seem to observe in an indirect way that doesn't bounce photons off of particles, yet any form of observing seems to have an effect on a particle. In general, unobserved particles act like waves, and observes particles act like particles.

    But really there is a shit load more to it, Research into Quantum mechanics I believe if your interested. Its been a long time. Also to clarify I meant to say particles the other night not atoms :)
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  17. Whoa. :eek:

    Cool. :D
  18. If you like watching that show stoned then you have to watch Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman. They completed the second season but you download the torrents or watch on hulu maybe. And it's narrated by Morgan Freeman.

    Light a bowl and let the show blow your mind
  19. I've seen the big bang, in my head.

    Universe is the peppermint wrapped in some plastic. What seems empty is the filling and the actual starts and blackholes were points of existence of the mint structure.

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