the big 1-thou!

Discussion in 'General' started by delaWHERE?, May 10, 2006.

  1. Hey blades,
    Like the others who have come before me, I wanted to make a special 1000th post. First, a shout out to each and every one of you for making this place feel like home. It's amazing how tight we all are, and I really look forward to coming home and seeing what's going on with all of you. Second, big thanks to everyone who has a hand in keeping this place up and running...we appreciate everything you do. Third, I know you all want to see the new bong I got on 4/20. It's been in constant use, and you can blame it for occupying me to the point where I am too stoned to post pictures. Without further adieu:





    Love you all!! :gc_rocks:

    :edit: the specs--18" GonG HVY, 14.4 perc downstem, ashcatcher bowl, ice pinch. $210 in baltimore, MD.
  2. that is a nice ass piece, and you live in central jersey? i'm from north jersey. did you hear the good news?
  3. congrats on the big 1 thousand :yay:

    that bong is amazing. one question though. is your ashcatcher meant to stay dry? or can u put water in it? it looks like the only way to get water in it would be to put it throught the bowl itself, which could get the buds wet.

    very nice buy though :smoke:
  4. Yes, i just read the thread....f'in AWESOME. I <3 NJ.
  5. my questions to be answered at a later date? yes:)? no:(?
  6. that's beautiful, delly! maybe if you weren't such a stoner we could have feasted our eyes on it a bit earlier, hahaha. I guess I'll have to be preparing for my 1000th soon, I'm going to wait til I pick up a few new pieces this weekend. Heh. Awesome shit!!!! :D
  7. Congrats.

    Thas a sick ass bong.
  8. I love it thats awesome.
  9. :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: That bitch is niiiiiiiiiiice! I love the bowl. I haven't seen one exactly like that before and it looks freaking cool. heh.

    Happy 1000th Post! Love ya laaaaaaaaady! :smoke:
  10. Nice bong, +rep. Congrats on 1000 posts, and here's a bowl for many thousand more.

    - Nug
  11. wow mundi uve been busy. You were at like 400 a month ago. Congrats
  12. Thanks! But this is Delly's thread. HAPPY 1000TH k. :D
  13. Oops! My bad, Tokin!

    The ashcatcher can be used either way. I use it wet, but like you said, the only way to get water in is through the bowl, unless you fill it carefully from its' downstem leading into the bong. There's a little bit of a design flaw with that catcher, cus you have to use the bong perpendicular to the ground (no tilting) to prevent the ashcatcher water from dribbling in...but i really don't mind that at all. I always empty the water anyway, so no biggie.

    Thank you, everyone...and's a pretty sweet piece. Knocks me on my ass anytime i use it. Biggest rips everrrrrrr!!
  14. you're a girl!

    haha, congrats, heres to the next 1000
  15. WOW YOU REEACHED THE BIG 1000 but im 14 post late damn heres a bowl nice bong
  16. I'm off work today... so yeah another bowl from R_M. Cheers! :D
  17. Nice Dela, I love the new bong, it is a bute. I like the colors in the top there. Good stuff. JOE>:D

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