The Bible is an Allegory.

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  1. For those who haven't figured it out yet, see thread title.
  2. So what? Even if it is not true, its one of the best books ever written. Has a lot of good to say. Thank you for informing the world the truth about the bible. Gold stars for you.
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    Yes, Yes, Yes!

    No disputes here.

    The truth has been spoken.

    The Bible is also an allegory that has been HIGHLY edited.

    - community

    Allegory doesnt mean that its not true.... Allegory means its figurative speech for a meaning other than whats literally being said.

    I believe what H2O420 means is that there are other meanings in there and should not be taken as literal/serious as most christian/catholic folk do.

    Such as ... (in my opinion)

    Jesus in certain chapters = Sun.
    His crown of thorns = The suns rays
  4. Truth. For example, in Genesis, the entire story of Adam and Eve explains human nature to a T.

    My favorite bible verse: "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." Matthew 6:22

  5. Well, I understand that words have different contextual meanings. However, given the situation, posting "Allegory" and "Bible" in the same sentence, one should expect my response above. Usually, people are using the word in the sense that the bible is not true. Furthermore, posting it on a open forum, where varying opinions on spiritually often end up in heated debates because he or she has something to prove about religion.

    It's 99% of the time, its a bullshit self-righteous-self applauding atheist who has some chip off his shoulder against spiritual people and assert their pompous atheist egos onto internet forums/youtube. They are really smug about it. I am surprise if they don't eat their own shit.

    As for me, I don't know what I believe. I am neither spiritual nor do I deny the existence of a creator. Don't like what I say? Choke on it.

    Sorry, I just really dislike atheist. To me they are just as bad as those Fundamentalist [insert religion here]. I could go on...but I am tired.
  6. Lots of talk in your response, but this "talk" is just words and carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Just admit that you didnt look up the definition of "allegory" before you responded ( I know I had to look it up )

    It is plausible that you knew the proper definition but went into your "bullshit self-righteous-self applauding atheist" mode by saying the bible was not true.
    Sounds like you question your own faith? Actually you blatantly admit you question your own faith "As for me, I don't know what I believe. I am neither spiritual nor do I deny the existence of a creator. Don't like what I say? Choke on it. "

    But damn make a decision quick... because its not to Christian with a comment like "Choke on it" ....

    Just take a chastise ( and my definition of chastise is "to educate or refine" so theres no misunderstandings)

    With Respect,
  7. Christianity is essential in the sense that it sets good morals. It does however suppress individualism and spiritual growth though. That was the only reason christianity was created - to control.
  8. While I agree that it CAN instill good morals etc. it doesn't always (along with any other religion, not just Christianity). On the other hand, it isn't essential to instill good morals, people can be good people without a religion telling them to.
  9. An allegory with an underlying meaning I dislike, and that many believe to be literal truth.

    That really isn't something I should speak out against?
  10. It sets good morals? Like what?
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    Yes please don't take the bible too literally. We hopefully all for the most part know its just morals and guide lines on how to live your life and be a good person. But also note that the bible also recognizes that humans are not perfect and are therefore subject to sin. But this is critical because without having sin to create the fear of punishment, then there can be no reward. That certainly is not an uncommon theme of theology and to believe theological authors were not writing down what they believed to be righteous is The idea here is to do what YOU think is right because sin is simply a distraction from what you know, deep down, is right. The what is right in the metaphysical world generally coincides with the physical world. Needless to say there are exceptions due to faulty reality interpretations, but if you really construct your own reality then whats the difference? Oh and the quarrel above is a good representation of interpretation in reality because, according to definition both of them are correct in their responses and this really shows why religion is such a hot topic.
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    Some of it is allegory but not all it. :wave:

    Old Testament:
    Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the LORD of hosts. Mal 3:1

    New Testament:
    Now about the midst of the feast Jesus went up into the temple, and taught. Jhn 7:14
  13. Do you believe Jesus was a real person max?

    You dislike that we are all a part of god?

  14. Yes.

    Clearly the most important person in human history. Jesus Christ was the game changer.

    Our whole calendar is based on his birth.

    Every person on Earth is effected by his historical figure.

    Nearly everyone will speak fervently about him either in favor or against. Everyone has an opinion.

    It is not God, but Jesus and his authority who is under attack by the onslaught that is the New Age / New World Order / Illuminati crowd.

  15. I dislike that, yes.

    I dislike the other parts of the "allegory" more.

    I dislike a "pious" man offering his daughters to an angry mob for rape, I dislike the stoning of gays, I dislike the fundamentalists who take the "allegory" for literal truth.
    I'd be all for cute stories with moral lessons (if moral is what the lessons in the bible could be called) barely subtle in their plot, but the packaging I can do without.

    The issue is not that the stories have a deeper meaning but are obviously not literally true. The issue is that the deeper meaning preaches hate, fear and a moral code we had in place 2000 years ago.
    You think we'd have improved it by now, the religious certainly felt no such compunction upon improving "God's Word."
  16. Yeah a lot of good to say! Like the justification of rape, incest, selling your children into slavery, pointless animal sacrifice, womanizing etc.
  17. But does he have to be real for that? I do agree, Jesus Christ has had a massive impact on the world. But don't all religions contain their own version of a Christ-figure?

    Could Jesus be an allegorical man, a representation of the god in all of us? Whether or not he was real?

    What do you dislike about it? And to understand that I would also like to know your concept of god, if you don't mind.
  18. Well, ignoring the bible and the trappings of the Christian religion for reasons I mentioned last post, I consider God to be "beyond" my belief. It seems like an endless, and pointless, attempt to wonder what created the universe, or what it was that created that which created the universe and so on.

    So, while I am an agnostic by the definition described above, I am also an unhesitating atheist because it is my strong belief that whatever created the universe is least likely to be the explanation decided by farmers 2000 years ago.
    As for a simply theistic vs atheistic opinion without religion, I see no reason to argue against something that such a tiny percentage of the population is able to do: believing in God without the trappings of religion. They almost without exception add details of creation or rules, which I find absurd.
  19. What? this post does not make any sense. Sounds like you only wanted to argue.

    Well, it seems like there are many misunderstandings. Great job.

  20. Well you missed the point... You can go buy the bible and take a black marker and edit out whatever offends you.

    There. Feel better? No more tears.

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