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The best weed evar.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ArtistNotFound, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Okay, I've been smoking for a little over a year now, and I think I know my way around the bong, and the pipe. However, I have yet to learn to roll, so I think I'm still a bit of a novice. However, I joined this forum to learn, and I think I would like to know a little something about quality.

    What is in your oppinion the best weed you have ever smoked? How much did you have? What were you smoking it with? Did the smoke feel godly as you were tokin it?

    Go to as much detail as you feel is necessary. But long posts are accepted with thanks. And cookies.
  2. Best weed i have ever smoked, was White Russian, i spaced out halfway through my first hit until someone remindee me i was smoking. I was like "huh?, oh yeah" and finished my lung full only took 3 hits. and was way too blazed. almost as baked as my first time getting high. ALMOST.
  3. I smoked Grand Daddy x Pure Kush, it was a one-hit wonder... Ripped it through a bub, and I couldn't feel my body for a while...
  4. the best shit i smoked was on i-35 north leaving dallas. had got 2 g's of silver haze from some a buddy in plano for 50. had one bowl out of my spoon with my friend in the car. it was the best head rush ive ever had smoking out of a little pipe. we had to pull over at gas station halfway to okc for like an hour. i couldnt stop laughing and being confused as shit were so high.:D
  5. so many different strains. my favorit is ssh but the best stuff i have come across was this shit my guy called just grape then some other stuff called elvis. have never seen those strains come around again but when they do i told my guy to pick up as much as possilbe for me :)
  6. The weed was unknown, from Cali and I bought a QP

    The weed was very sticky, crystals on the buds, light green and smelled like a soury orange flavor, very nice smoke and was very potent.

    Good sack I tell you what.
  7. Normal haze, it was lime green with almost blood red hairs and if you flicked the buds the trichromes would fall off, Stuff was also like little popcorn nuggets that were very dense. I remember taking a gb of it and feeling like my face was melting for a second or two.
  8. hands down best shit i smoked was kali mist. The aroma was so pungent and sour like a lemon. picked up an 1/8 for 75. ripped it out of a 1 foot bong most of the time. the high lasted for about 4 hours if you took a party bowl to the head
  9. northern lights!!! so purpley and crystaley...i had a 7 gram bud of it and needless to rip of it out of the bong had my friend throwin up everywhere about 15 minutes later cuz he was so ripped
  10. Haze, Blue Dream, Catpiss, Kush, Afghani, White Widow, Great White Shark, Durban Poison..

    Durban Poison was nuts though, straight up bomb.
  11. i smoked a strain called 'king of indica' and mixed it with my last few grams of silver haze one time and i smoked 6 poppers (w.e u call them in the U.S ,like weed with tobacco ina 1 hitter, except no tobacco) nd i was so chinky eyed man i memer goin to 7-11 and seeina girl at the cash register named ashley that i know and im like 'yoo ashley,got any munch?" and proceeding to steal lots of red bulls n chocolate bars then hopped in my buddies van and smoked a bowl or 2, that was the shit .....ima call that n1gga up for some mo now that i think of it
  12. i would have to say lambs breath at my buddies party.
    5 of us bought 1.5 grams for like 35 bucks.
    smoked out of a water bong about 2 foot tall, not too big.
    baked out the room at the party for like an hour.

    i have never been more high in my life.
  13. I've also bought a quarter of dj shorts blueberry, this mary jane tasted so good and had a soaring high. Even had 2-3 seeds in it that i will be putting outside soon.
  14. I don't think i've really had a best, because all of the buds I get from my hook up are premo Organically grown strains. I'd say the hardest hitting would be a 4 way tie between Headband, Nebula, Purps, and Trainwreck. After one hit of each, time slowed down for about 20 minutes.
  15. My favorite most appealing bud ever was some true DJ short Blueberries. They were amazing looking buds cured to perfection and just covered in untampered water dropplet Trichomes. It was some of the tastiest, stickiest, bombest strains I've ever puffed. The blues I see now are very tasty, but not comparable.
  16. haha i dont even remember what it was called but it was some highgrade dankittydank shit. +a shit load of kief from the grinder
    wooo i spaced the fuck outtt
  17. yesterday i got smoked out by one of my bros who managed to find vampire diesel...and L.A. two of my favorite strains. Vampire diesel..whoo that is something else man..the firiest taste of all time

  18. You just described the nug of Sour Diesel I have.
  19. No clue what strain of bud it was, but I smoked it and then proceeded to look around my entire town for Joey Ramone, who I was convinced was hiding from me.
  20. gotta be the original new york sour deez , g13xhaze, and midnight oil of course :D

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