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The best way to use a bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Budyyy, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. I hit my first bong last week. Got high as fuck. Was looking on youtube and notice that most people release the carb when they take their hit, flushing the main chamber clean of smoke. When i hit it i was tapping the carb and the smoke seemed to linger. Whats the difference between the two? Does one waste more weed? Is one better?

  2. wait did you remove the bowl and clear the chamber?
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    it releases oxygen into the chamber. but if u want to know more just look on youtube or google on how to properly smoke the bong
  4. Most bongs don't have carbs, but for the ones that do it's because they have fixed bowls. So you use the carb to clear the bong of all the smoke. If you keep throttling the carb you'll keep pulling in smoke, if you let smoke linger in the bong it gets stale and tastes bad.

    Does that answer your question? Kinda confused on what you're asking really.
  5. not necessarily a fixed bowl, my buddy has an ashcatcher that has a shotgun on it. If this is the case it is usually easier to milk it with the shotgun (or carb?) and then clear it by pulling it away from the downstem. but yes you always want to clear the chamber all the way otherwise its a waste.
  6. most people on youtube are shit at bong hits.
  7. depending on the size of the bong, you should take about 65-75% of what you think your lungs can handle then clear out the rest of the bong into your lungs by releasing the carb.

    also, if you want to save more green...use the bottom edge of a lighter to put out the lit green in the bowl just before you think your lungs are at this 65-75& capacity
  8. a bong with a carb is technicle a "steam roller" isnt it?
  9. no like i said my buddy has an 18mm ashcatcher with a shotgun on it also
  10. thanks dryice, that answered it :)
  11. oh and weedaholic, thanks everyone

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