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The best way to smoke

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by token_blackguy, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Me and my friends always argue about the best way to smoke. Some say pipes, smoe say bongs, and personally i think joints are the best way to go. But everyone has their own opinion... so whats yours?
  2. I like pipes.
  3. joints are best fo actual thc consumed(according to a uni study) ,but you need soo much ,best with 2 or more people
    i dont have much so a bong suits me
  4. blunts for when your with people. steamrollers when your alone. bongs work good, but steamrollers dont burn the weed as fast. and youll cough ur ass off
  5. Gravity bong, after that bongs, then joints/pipes.
  6. gravity bongs are like a bowl a hit

  7. Tru.dat

    Chilliums/One Hitters/Baseball Bats = Good for conserving, going solo.

    Joints = 2 or more people

    Blunts = Don't smoke them since I stopped smoking cigarettes.

    Glass Water Bongs = Great when you are chilling at home or at a friends house.

    Glass pipes = Good for on the go smoking.

    sm0ke 0ne:D:D
  8. Joints or bowls/bongs for 1-3 people
    blunts for anything above that
  9. I only smoke bongs and joints :D
  10. Gravity bongs & blunts...all that needs to be said
  11. Most efficient:
    Gravity Bong
    One Hitter


    Most Intense:
    Oral Consumption
  12. if im smoking by myself i always enjoy rolling a fatty for myself

    if im with other people its either b-rips or blunts

  13. tru.dat
  14. Well, I think the best all around method would have to be vaporizer, unless you can afford to eat cannabis. Then that's better.

    for smoking I would have to go with glass blunts. Joints supposedly have a greater thc transfer rate than anything (vaporizing?) and less harmful than anything except vaporizer. Glass blunts are basically joints without the rolling papers so that's even better on your lungs. But you have to have a full joints worth, that's why it is so much more healthy because the tar and resin is absorbed by the cannabis instead of your don't smoke the roach vaporize it.

    I recently got a tip from someone, sounds like a good idea .Get a glass cigar tube and put a removable mouthpiece on it and then use it as a
    travel vaporizer or at home. It's better than a lightbulb and cheaper than a volcano. I'm going to get one real soon hopefully. Tired of smoking honestly.
  15. Bong n Blunts ere, prolly blunts my fave tho :cool: i dont care how many ppl i blaze with lol even if it jus me :D
  16. wow this thread hasn't happened two hundred million times before

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