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The BEST way to go through were slower

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SimplyBaked, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. Obvioisly not smoking will make your stash last longer but I want to know how to make it last long while smoking daily. Usually I go solo dolo with my bong with about .5 every sesh. I also have a bowl, a fuck ton of juicy js, a bubbler, and a MFLB. How would you guys go about conserving your weed if you were in my position?
  2. Depends on whether or not you care about tasting the weed. A vaporizer will get you almost all the thc in the bud, about 3x what u get from a bong, but you dont get to smoke the weed which is why i dont use one anymore. Eating it would also be effective but again u cant smoke it and that means you would have to make edibles. 
    If you want to actually smoke the weed i think a bong is your best bet, a j will get u alot less thc than a bong as well but joints are more relaxing since u dont gotta stop to light it every time. Also throw out the Juicy Js lol get Raw, Zig Zag Ultra Thins, or OCB premium. Those juicy js are nasty and ruin the taste of your weed 
  3. There's a lot of ways to conserve your weed. A lot of people don't do these things cause they don't wanna look "broke" or whatever. The better the weed, the less you need. Remember that. That's key to conserving. I personally can stretch a gram out to last 2-3 days depending on what I have going on or if I decide to smoke strictly blunts with that gram (because a blunt requires more than a bowl) which will last me 2 days in that case. Now of course all that really depends on how frequently you like to smoke. If you don't you don't have the money to constantly buy but like to smoke a lot, you have to sacrifice one of two. Either cut down on how often you buy OR when you have bud smoke when you need to not "just because it's there" example being your already nice and buzzed but since you have a bowl or blunts/joint worth left or a few grams, WHY NOT ?! That's fine, but only if you have the financial means to roll up fatties or pack hella bowls everyday.Now, how do you make your bud last? Assuming your a frequent smoker, smoke only what you know is going to get you straight. When I say "straight" I don't mean FUCKED UP or stupid high I can't keep my eyes open. I mean nice and toasted, functioning, relaxed and mellow high. You don't need to be completely "stoned" all the time. So if you like to roll blunts or joints, roll a skinny one. If your with friends, put a little more in than you would for yourself. Who gives a fuck if some says "that's a skimpy ass blunt/joint, don't be a pussy and roll a fatty" that's just ignorance. Because it's honestly a waste to roll up 1+grams of good bud or way more than you need in the end (this of course excludes special occasions). Smoke bowls or bongs? Again, pack it and smoke till you feel nice. Whenever I hit a bong, I get a nice first hit not to hard though, put it down for a min and take another small one and I'm good. Again this is assuming your smoking good weed (yes, even decent mids), not schwag dirt. Also, SAVE AND SMOKE YOUR ROACHES! Don't even put them to the side for rainy days just start where you left off the next time you smoke. Nowadays, I'll put it out and put it with my stash. When I want to smoke, I don't go roll up a whole new blunt, I smoke the rest of the roach see how I feel 9.5/10 I'm good (depending on the size of the roach of course). If not roll up another take a hit or two, put it out..BOOM, now have a little more than a half of a blunt left to smoke. Bottom line, don't smoke more than you need. That's where everyone goes wrong. Anyone who has smoked knows their tolerance. People don't seem to realize that good weed goes a long way and you don't need much.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  4. Just use your vape. You'll always save more doing that than with any other method. You might not feel crazy stoned, but you'll get high. One MFLB trench can last you a while. Plus you can smoke the vaped weed, too, but it will be harsh.
  5. If your trying to get the absolute most out of your bud vaping it is the best way. It gets you higher with a smaller amount. Agree you vape the bud you can save it all in a container then if your ever out if you smoke it you will feel the effects still. I have done this but making edibles with it is better. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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