The best toking tool?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by mellowyellow420, May 21, 2010.

  1. So guys what do you think is the best

    1. Bongs: if so glass, ceramic, or acrylic
    2. Spoons: glass or metal
    3. Bubblers
    4. Chillums
    5. Vaporizers
    6. Joints
    7. Blunts
    8. Random Ghetto Shit: ie aluminum foil, light bulb vapes, etc.

  2. best = glass bong.
  3. For all purpose use I say a glass spoon. I can bring it anywhere, its easily concealable, and it gives a nice clean hit.

    Glass spoon is best in my book.
  4. if we're talking consealability i'll go with my incredibowl mini.
  5. my top 5

    1. bongs in general
    2. blunts
    3. steam rollers
    4. bowls
    5. joints
  6. 1- Vaporizer
    2- Bubbler
  7. 1. bong
    2. bub
    3. pipe
    4. chilllum
    5. joint
  8. blunts. i can roil tiny personal blunts and huge fatties for friends. concealable. and i find them a more relaxing smoke.

    smoking one right now.
  9. Is it:
    B)Glass Spoon

    Test says VAPORIZER! delivering a whopping 92% of THC
    Glass Spoon-60%

    For the biggest high for your money and less harsh on your lungs a vape is a good investment in my opinion...but get one with a temp readout cuz nothing is worse than fuckin up some ultra dank by setting it to high.
    Hope this helps...enjoy!

  10. LOTS of GREAT vapes on the market without a temp readout:
    Purple Days
    Silver Surfer
    Da Buddha
    etc etc etc etc

    Once one learns how to use their vape, going into combustion becomes a non-issue and some vapes, like the Purple Days, will NEVER go into combustion. It's designed not to.
  11. For me right now, it's bongs 90% of the time, and I'll roll a joint for on-the-go use. When I get my vaporizer, I'm sure my opinions will change

  12. Ive never had combustion but my girl did insult the shit out of my vap one night by setting it way to high cuz she didnt know
  13. Definitely between a vaporizer or blunt. I use my vape during the day because it doesn't give me that heavy, low feeling blunts & bongs do. But, Ill spark a blunt at night FOR that heavy, low feeling (helps me fall asleep) :p
  14. if im just chillin at a house and have nowhere to go, i enjoy sitting down and hitting a glass bong.
    If im on the go, i go with blunts, or a glass spoon if i have one in hand.

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