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The best things in life just cant be found

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by flowerchild420, Aug 2, 2002.

  1. I was just wondering if this is just me and the cruel game the pot god is playing on me. It's like when I have all this money to buy weed, it either can't be found anywhere or what weed is around isn't worth much of anything. But when I have not a penny to my name, all the best weed is floating around. I was just curious to see if this happens to anyone else. It gets soooo frustrating sometimes!!!!!!!!
  2. I know exactly what you mean. I've had $50 sitting on my dresser since the 15th for a bag of kind bud. There isn't a bowl to be found anywhere in the valley. Lo and behold it's payday once again, and once again I'd have an easier time getting a three-legged purple spider monkey than a simple bag of real weed. I could, of course, get shwag quite easily...but I really want to enjoy the rich flavor of a good stinky kind bud. :p
  3. this is happening to me right now!!! I can't find anything and what I did find was over priced and very skimpy. all stems and hardly any bud. I can't wait for this draught to be over with!!!
  4. i went through that too, and it's true, the potgods are out to get you. they get their humor, this way, dangling pot over poor folks and hiding it from those with cash.

    stump them all by growing your own!

    in all seriousness i hope you get some weed soon~
  5. In all honesty, I've tried growing my own both indoor and out. But growing weed is obviously not a talent of mine at all!!!! Every plant I touch or even look at seems to die within hours. I do envy those that can grow it.......I've tried many a times and it has never worked for me. So I guess I'm doomed to be a pawn in the pot god's cruel, insensitive game of life.
  6. I am a potgod, and yes we are cruel...The reason we do this to you is not to be mean though. It is to prove a point. See we starve all of you like this just so we can make Cali look better. All of us potgods live in cali becuz of course (thats where the best weed is)....If you move to LA then you'll never have this problem..Easy to find bud over here, the name brand shit is easy to find if you know the right people. Come to los angeles and you wont be sorry...25 bucks for a gram of the name brand...20 a gram for the dank ass chronic, just no names.
  7. LOL.........California was nice when I visited but what can I say.....I was born and raised a country girl so I'm kinda partial to my small town. LOL. And today must be my lucky day because time and time again I've "prayed" to my pot god and he never answered me back but he can send messages on the computer. LOL. It's nice to know he lives in california.........LOL!!!!
  8. Or.. NORTHERN CALIFORNIA.. it's all about the NoCali chronic! it's abundant up here and flowerchild420 if you're ever in the area let me know, you won't suffer for long :D

    and XxJWxX, if you really ARE a potgod, please have mercy on this poor soul!

  9. This reminds me of the Green Acres theme.
    California is the place to be. Where there is pleanty weed!

    Around here there ar enough people growing. If you do happen to run out, just make a phone call and like majic your toking again. We don't charge for it, just expect the favor to be returned.
  10. never had that problem

    the stuff finds it way to me.

    one does not have to move :)

  11. Up here in Oregon we have really dank bud too! But some of what I get is from cali. Anyway just to let everyone know no matter where you are there is pothead with really good hookups and there are dealers with really good bud.. you just have to find them..
  12. yeah northern california got the bud, before sept 11th thats where all my bud came from and i'm in pennsylvaina. now theres no bud anywhere here. if i don't move out of this country to dear ol canada i'd love to move to northern california, my gfs a dancer and in california she would probably have a way better chance of getting a job.
  13. dont speak our names in vain. All you people who dont have any bud or who have hard time finding it or who get shwag...Well that is hell. You are being punished for something you did wrong in your past life...So now you have to pay. I was good in my past life and now I get to be bad and smoke all day...Hehehe.
  14. The pot god has finally blessed me and he blessed me well. Not only do i now have an ounce of chronic weed but it was a gift from one of my best friends that came from out of state to bring it to me. My personal hell is over with for now and I'm as happy and stoned as a person could be. My pot god is a wonderful thing but I have to say that my best friend was indeed my savior today. And he didn't charge me a penny......sigh.......what would we all do without friends.

  15. lol man you are much more an evil god than i thought you were! freakin bastard, nobody deserves that kind of hell! ;)

    flowerchild420 woohoo glad karma got ya back on a positive note, no more worries for awhile anyway... i guess praying to the pot gods once in awhile isn't too bad :D

    and overgrowray northern cali is beautiful and the weather is the best. it's expensive to live in the bay area though, i'd suggest somewhere a bit north of that... everyone says humboldt county is the shit, it's nice but remote up there.. mendocino county is beautiful, and inexpensive, and not as remote as humboldt, and is JUST AS if not more dedicated to the herb.

  16. I used to have that problem a couple of years ago.
    Then I met up with an old friend that told me he was "Working" again. I have had no problem getting the shag, the better, or the best in a couple hours notice. And If he is low on Inventory, I know a couple other people.

    Just luck I guess. And now that I have said it, Ill probably be dry next week.
  17. what can i say? I fealt sorry for you. So consider that ounce a gift from me. Enjoy. Everyday now at 4:20 you shall all get on your knees and pray to me. You shall face towards whichever direction California is and bow 7 times. You do this for a month and you will be invited to a party up in pot heaven. Which is where I work.
  18. im 2-3 weeks from harvest and my usual supply has been 2 weeks late so im smoking shite weed, but 1 good thing is my friend has come back from afar with a chunk of decent pollen so things are not to bad .............. still i need some serious thc injection

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