The Best Strain You've Ever Smoked

Discussion in 'General' started by RetardsGuide, Oct 25, 2002.

  1. What is the best strain you guys have ever smoked? Mine is either Purple Haze, which was really insane, and since i smoked it alot right when i started smoking, it had even more effect on me, and Northern Lights. Those are my two faviorates.
  2. I'm about to get a good amount of Purple Haze, never tried it though. How is it? NL is great, so is Shishka Berry, probably one of my faves.
  3. My experiance with Purple Haze was that it was a insanely strong physical high. The first time i smoked it, me and a buddy of mine were at my house, and we were sitting there on the couch and couldnt even move, it feels like your skin is collapsing on your body, and everything is pressing in on you, my clothes felt like they were 100 lbs each. Its an insane high. I just wish i could get some more.... I just got some White Widow the other night, that is a pretty good strain also.
  4. probably NL, but most of the smoke i get is unnamed commercal bud. Anyone smoke C99 before? Whats it like?
  5. I'm going to get some Purple Haze, I bet it will be popular with customers. I can't wait to try it
  6. unfortunettly, i havn't been around the block too long, more like a few years, but in my short time, widow and blueberry were my best.
  7. Yeah, ive heard Blueberry is really good. Ive been wanting to get that for a while.

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