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the best shit to do while high...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kickazz_chic1, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. 1. if theres clouds and ur really trippn' lol dude take urself outside .. lyk in ur backyard and look at the fuckn clouds... ull see all kinds of funky ass shit...

    2. go swimn'... preferably skiny dippn' ... itll neva be the same again.

    3. write: ne thing is great ... when ur writn' write about someting ur curious about or somting that puzzles

    4. SEX!!!!!! ( it should always be good... but it will rock ... if he's got the good cock lol )

    5. ok this is my fav. go to the store and jack sum shit... that ll give u a rush... lol

    oh ya another thing eat some poptarts especially the chocolate kind lol there the shit....
  2. I don't steal :(

    welcome to the city :) there are hundreds of threads like this, but hey, it doesn't really matter. all of those are pretty much great suggestions. 1 can get old for me, 2 is amazing, 3 is so emotionally healthy its great, 4 is a given. all good food is good when high hehe.
  3. dude chick smoker whatever, this weird why would you jack shit, thats just an excuse for a cop to follow you to the car where the weed is, i would rather be baked and have everyone know it then stole a twinky and go to jail for possesion if caught, plus just unwrapping food while high gives me a rush cause i know i'm gonna eat it

    i smoked a joint at the baseball game tonight in the parking lot then chilled watched some baseball with the RA and friends, who were plastered drunk so it was fun, we won the game and i'm going to go have a victory joint
  4. i need to find that weed which makes you TRIP
  5. Nothing better than mother nature when your smokin mother nature. I just love sitting in the back yard and loving the beauty of life, especially if i get some good music playin. I love listening to "blue skys" by the allman brothers and watching the blue sky up above.
  6. take number 1, and move it outside the city, with no lights and do it at night. see if it doesn't take your breath away.
  7. conspire against the government

    -smoke more
    -go online
    -listin to music


    -go get munchies
    -pick up some poeple and smoke more
    -go chill by some lakes
    -joyride blastin the tunes

    jus a general list

  9. true that.

    i've noticed that since i began smoking mj more than 3 years ago, the way i view the world and politics is quite different from what it used to be.
  10. EXACTLY!! Bahaha...that's fucking great
  11. LOL stealing gives you a rush...i think you need to quit smoking right now...something seriously wrong with you :D
  12. Dude the best thing is just to lay on ur backyard, as they said up there.
    And chill, or even watch the grass grow, pretty trippy xD
  13. walk around high as hell in the rain. the sound of rain hitting things will make you trip.
  14. i agree with the swimming. that is the shit when ur roastin. better yet go cliff diving. waaaaay better rush than stealing (which is a dumbass idea even sober but why the hell take the chance ripped) and cops dont care if you swim, yet. enjoy your swimming while you can b4 swimming pool prohibition comes around! god knows they would try if they could. but thats life in the land of the not so free. i know it has nothin at all to do with the post but im stoned and rambling. fact- over 1/4 of the worlds prison population is locked in cages for non violent "crimes" here in this "free" country
  15. Haha gettin baked and researching conspricay theroies. There is nothin better:D

    Did you know the CIA know how to brainwash you:smoking::smoking:
  16. The best thing to do while your my to venture off in the woods..but ive noticed that after a while i tend to lose my high very quickly in the woods, so i always bring more bud to smoke, and find a rabbit, rabbits are so fun to pet, thats why i bought a rabbit, so i can pet it when im high, pet them.. pet the rabbits.
  17. If it's raining while I'm blazed (I smoke in my bathroom) i go out on my porch and look at the grass, it looks like it's time elapsed or something :smoking:
  18. haha wow, am i the only major thief on these boards lol. Ive stolen soo much shit from coorporations, i cant help it, i go into a store, i walk out with something new to me. Its a habit i cant, and dont, want to get out of. im too good at it lol. MY girl stacy taught me how to steal, and now we both go into walmart or somen together, and well walk out, ill have a new video game, and shell have new make up, and well walk out, not even have seen eachother steal it(im always watching her and vice versa) and WE NEVER EVER can even see the person do it. Lol we walk out into the car and laugh and just empty our pockets lol.

    Stealing from people is bad, form corporatoins is my way of conspiring against the government. lol.

    But yes i agree, stealing is a GREAT thing to do while baked lol.
  19. Games all the way baby!!!!
  20. Steal from the government! Dun dun dun dun... Steal from the government! Dun dun dun dun... BYaaarrorrrr WEET WEET WEET!

    We little guys be sittin' in the CONSPIRACY tent! Dun dun dun dun...
    A TENT... suspended on a web of conspiracies... dun dun dun dun...

    What we doin' in that tent?

    Little guys be gettin' high in this here tent... *bubble* *bubble* *bubble*

    What we smokin' Judge Mathis?!


    Hrmmm... Case Dismissed... I'm high too!!!

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