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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by k-lent, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. whats up guys, i just got my da buddha on saturday and have used it a couple times. i used it at about 2/3 on the dial (1-2 o'clock) and i think it barely burnt some, probably cause i was inhaling too slow. so all of you who have Da Buddha, what did you find is the best setting or position for the dial? i read somewhere that 3 o'clock is good but i have been using mine at 1/2 (12 o'clock) inhaling really slow, just to be safe, but i know this thing has more potential. let me know..
  2. I take the answers on here with a grain of salt, because it really ust comes down to personal preference. If you're alright with the taste, then go ahead and run it pretty high, it won't last as long but some people prefer the exhale and feel of the hit. Others like a cool and strong hit so they run it much lower, around 11 o'clock on the dial which also will last your bud longer.

    Honestly, just use it a lot and find where you and your friends like it. It doesn't affect the efficiency too much, but it's only really a matter of how long the bud goes and how it tastes overall.
  3. Each dial is at different levels. One person's ideal temperature may be 3 o'clock whereas that same temperature may show up as 1 o'clock on someone elses Buddha.

    Just start at 12 o'clock and keep moving up until you find what temperature you like. Remember that you'll be able to vaporize more cannabinoids at higher temperatures.
  4. Perfect answer. :hello:

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