The best moment of your life...

Discussion in 'General' started by SlimPickins, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Other than the feeling you got from trying a certain drug for the first time, whats the best moment of your life?

    The best moment of my life occurred Saturday, January 1 2005. On this date the Iowa Hawkeyes beat LSU in the Capital One Bowl with a last second miracle touchdown. I have never experienced the feeling that overwhelmed me watching that touchdown, from any drug or sexual act to date. Heres a little recap of that game:

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  2. That was a good video.

    I don't know what my best moment was, sorry.
  3. the day i graduated from school and me nd my seven best friends rowed out to this island in the bay we spent the rest of the day there just us and we made this bonfire and we watched the sunset it was the most beautiful thing i ever saw and i wasnt even high/drunk :D

    but seriously it was an awesome sight and we wound up sleepin there the whole nite wit the stars nd everything
  4. Quite possibly my first football game ever. It was November 22, 1997, at The Big House. That's right, Charles Woodson has two touchdowns and an interception, and Michigan goes on to win 20-14 to go undefeated.

    Wow, just thinking about that gives me shivers down my spine.
  5. I dont have a best moment, or even a fuckin good memorable moment in my life.
  6. May 27th, 1986..

    The day I was born..haha


    It isnt a best moment, but a series of moments..
    Last year, I was able to travel and stay in thailand for 2 months..I fell in love with the country, and the ancient history surrounding it.
  7. a good and memorable moment to me would be when i got my driving license some years ago. I failed the driving part the 1st time and owned that shit on the 2nd try. To pat myself in the back me and a homie pitched in on some kush, went for a good cruise and had a good sesh.
  8. the best and at the same time absolute worst moment of my life was the day i took coricidins and smoked weed on it... soo mind expanding, but it totally fucked my life for the next 3 years after that, n its still fucked :(

    or another good moment was the day i finally got my black belt in tang soo doo.. not because i got the black belt, but cuz it gave me the confidence to beat the living fuck out of the biggest kid in my neighborhood who always picked on me n pushed me around n shit.... haha a running jump kick to the face was the start of that fight, n it was the end too even though i kept goin from there, he saw me runnin up like i was gonna do somethin n got all tough n stuck his chin out like "hit me" n right when me came out of his mouth i was airborn and my foot impacted his face, knockin a dude out when your 12 yearsold is badass haha.. never fucked with me after that

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