The Best I Have Ever Smoked.

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  1.   I have never known what,or where my bud came from,and i have been smoking for 20 years,but i can tell you about the best I have ever smoked.
      I planted 4 plants some years back in the woods in Mississippi from bag seed. It was a summer with very little rain, and the plants were far from my house, so i went and watered them less then i thought i should, i also kept them cut short out of fear someone would see them.
      I ran out of bud and could not find any on the street, so me and my friend decided to go pull the plants up and smoke it, i was nervous about them anyway. so we puled up 4 plants about knee high,none had flowers only fan leaves, but the leaves had crystals all over the edges thick like they had been dipped in sugar .
      We take it it home( i was not expecting to feel it) i put it in the oven to dry and thought i had over dried it. We ended up with one fat dry joint. 5 hours after we had smoked it i was higher then when we smoked it. Best i have ever had.
       I tried to figure out why it was so good seeing how it was only the fan leaves. Maybe the lack of rain? The Mississippi soil? Any ideas?
       What's the best you ever had?


    Best I ever had was Fire OG. 
    But, besides that, imagine how good that plant would have been if fully grown? Mmmm... I envy you for sure. I want to start planting, but I don't have the money to invest in it yet.
  3.     Yeah i have thought about that many times :(  I wish i had saved the other seeds atleast.
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    What a waste, you pulled up 4 plants and ended up with 1 fat joint whats the point of having plants if your not gonna let them grow lol.  But whatever floats your boat I guess ~
  5. Best I had was some dutch import we never got the name of. (I know - it's always the ones you never get the name of isn't it...)

    But yeah that stuff was the happiest, upbeat, giggly high I've ever had in my life. And one tiny single skin joint would get you buzzed for hooooooooooooours.

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that was nice.
  6. For me it's a cross between Texas weed or Arizona weed. they both fucked me up pretty good.

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