The Best High School Prank Ever

Discussion in 'General' started by SlimPickins, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. This is awesome

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  2. hahha thats fucked up
  3. hahaha i read an article about it online, apparently the 3 kids that set it up got a 3 day in-school suspension......thats fucked up, but it was funny as helll hahahaha
  4. we took the golfcart apart and put it on a roof, we gave EVERYONE 5 bouncy balls, we had the bells messed up timing wise, and we changed the morning anouncement script....still dont know...and i got my diploma...oh ya we also got this kid who can puke on q to puke in gym and since the gym was the farthest area until he got to the nurses office, he just puked whenever he saw was one got hurt either...
  5. What was the prank in giving everyone bouncy balls?
  6. that's funny
  7. And hoe much base have you smoked today?
  8. it was sick...just tons of bouncy balls...they were guards got sooo pissed off......
  9. yeah, our senior prank was pretty lame (i didnt take part in setting any of it up) we just had a bunch of farm animals running through the halls, shitting on the floor.
  10. Ours consisted of paintballs, moving vehicles, and Freshman Girls PE class

    And very angry butch gym teachers..:D
  11. haha at my old school all the gym teachers were the biggest dykes i wish i could have shot them with a paintball gun
  12. yeah that was kinda taken from the Harvarrd Yale game Some1 made the other team do that also i dont wanna go into details
  13. I still regret that i never was able to go through with my planned senior prank. Me and a friend had it all planned out but word got spread and we were warned ahead of time that the faculty was watching us haha.

    But if you go to you can buy 1500 ladybugs for 10 bucks. Well we were gonna take up a collection and already had promises of over 200 dollars for this. We were gonna drop them all over the school, over the bridges, in the cafeteria, library, and even drop a few thousand up in the liftable ceiling tiles.

    The beauty of this is that no ones allergic to ladybugs or anything so theres no harm. But with so many bugs they'll be around for years to come.

    Man... i really wish i had the balls to just go ahead and do it anyways... they'd still be talking about it haha. :smoke:

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