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The best cure for the flu

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Unclescam777, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. Well it's not really a cure, more of a medicine to keep you comfortable while you have the flu.

    Does anybody else use pot for the flu? I'm talking about the type where you are throwing up every 15 minutes and are always tired but too sick to sleep. A lot of talk has gone on about how MJ is great for AIDS, cancer, MS, and other serious diseases but they forget about regular sicknesses. I've always felt sorry for people who try to down a few pills when they have the flu since the medicine always comes back up anyway.

    Marijuana on the other hand is absolutely perfect for it. Not only do you stop throwing up but you are able to eat and rest. A bowl or two every few hours can mean that you never even feel the effects of the flu. You'll still be a little drained but at least you can lie in bed comfortably instead of making friends with the toilet.
  2. l find it helps most times .:smoking:
  3. MJ makes the flu manageable. Barely even knew I had it, the last time I did. :smoke:
  4. for surely it does work!!! i was feeling a bit queezy and i have a cold and it certainly worked for me this weekend. usually does;)
  5. ever since ive started smoking a while back i havent ever been sick, kinda weird, i think smoking on a daily basis makes your immune system work better...maybe its just me
  6. atm i got swine flu and im forcing myself to smoke some bowls its killin me tho... but after i get a good toke in i feel alot better, just the toking part hurts lol
  7. The only problem with this is when your throat is dry and hoarse from coughing all the time.. I usually get one of those horrible coughs with my illness. I find that vaporizing, however, is the best solution.
  8. its such a aches and pains reliever too, i slept badly on my neck last nite and it was hurting all day i was working but as soon as i rolled a joint, relaxed and puffed away all pains were gone :)
    Mary Jane my healer of pain lol
  9. Well in my opinion, weed is good for any kind of sickness mostly...

    Sprained ankle? Smoke a bowl.
    Headache? (sometimes) smoke a bowl.
    Jammed your finger? Smoke a bowl.
    Burned your finger from smoking a bowl? Smoke another bowl.

  10. LOL...
    I agree... its good for just about anything. A medicine of medicines!
    If Jesus were a medicine, he'd be weed.

  11. HOLY CRAP!! Dude i always say the same thing about stuff when its really really good.

    Like if Jesus were a juice, he'd be pomegranite juice!!!

    Dude i think your like... my twin or some shit
  12. Could be my twin... u adopted? ;)

  13. lol. no. but i did have a half-brother that i dont know....
    Come hit my bong.

  14. ditto. i wasnt sick once while i was smoking through winters, spring, summer and falls in michigan. i got on probation and have been sick twice this summer. cant wait for the winter hit. fml.:(
  15. nice. i will have to try this sometime. :hello:
  16. Same here. I cracked my elbow getting off the scissor lift after loading up some new tires up stairs, that combined with a busy snowy saturday, my elbow was on fire when I got home. Smoked up, laid down and the pain was gone.
  17. this is just a thought.

    im pretty sure i have the flu and im thinking about smoking some of the hash i got. Not like i will die or anything but having the flu i am very dehydrated and wouldn't smoking make me even more dehydrated? but than again i can correct that by drinking even more fluids.
  18. You should drink gatorade and water before smoking. Then smoke to relieve your symptoms. Then set a kitchen timer to go off in an hour. Drink more gatorade and more water. Set the timer again. REPEAT... IF you are "forgetful" u can just duct tape the gatorade to your leg... except that you'd need a really long straw...
  19. oh i wont forget i have about 9 empty water bottles next to my bed.

    also i was thinking because it would be hash that i was smoking wouldnt it be better than smoking the plant material.
  20. does your throat hurt? When mine does, I prefer to just eat a few small buds. I wouldn't smoke anything if my throat was hurting.

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