The Best AriZona Tea( or not tea)?

Discussion in 'General' started by igotammo, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. lets find out which is the arizona choice of grasscity
  2. I prefer the Honey and Ginseng... and Pomegranate.

    otherwise I only drink loose-leaf teas from
  3. mucho mangooo
  4. Those are the best for sure.
  5. its all about the iced tea or the sweet tea
  6. i'll drink any flavour arizona...i buy them by the 24 pack:D
  7. I normally pick up 2 for work ( I work a ten hour shift)
  8. arnold palmer is my favorite. I drink pretty much any of the arizona drinks, but I always look to see if they have arnold palmer...and grapeade ahaha.
  9. the one that comes with a search button

    i know, i'm an asshole.

    had to do it though
  10. rasperry fo sho koopsta nicca
  11. Well it's not like there was a thread serving this very purpose, only without the poll, not even halfway down the first page of General
  12. suckas im pretty sure I amde BOTH threads..and made this one purposely because the other didnt have a POLL and so many people liked arizonas so thanks ;)

  13. exactly
  14. Exactly..No "poll" and I dont think you can add a poll? so I made a new thread..and look it has a poll :rolleyes:
  15. watermelon, the best
  16. watermelon is good but after a while its just 2 much watermelon
  17. Raspberry takes the lead. I love the 99 cent cans weve been smoking mixing cheap vodka with that shit for a long time now
  18. Rx Stress is where it's at.
    Good stuff.
  19. .....u fogot one of the most important one, LEMON

    otherwise half and half for me

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