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  1. if you were to make your own best of the beatles album what would you put on it? mine would go something like this, but i'm not sure...
    1.In my life
    2.I feel fine
    3.Eleanor Rigby
    4.I am the Walrus
    5.Nowhere man
    6.Sgt. Peppers
    7.Lucy in the sky
    8.Get Back
    9.Magical mystery tour
    10.Mean Mr. Mustard
    11.A Day in the Life
    12.Golden Slumbers medley
    13.Let it be
    14.Tomorrow never knows
  2. Nah. I'd prefer -An american prayer- listened in whole
  3. you can go to hell, i said best of the BEATLES.
  4. Where is day tripper??

  5. well for beatles I'd prefer "# 9" from the white album 'cos it's said that if you play it backwards there's a message "turn me on deadman"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  6. and what about strawberry feilds?

    I already have my favorite beatles album though....

    every beatles song ever released on one CD! :D

    shshshsh! ;)
  7. my friends obsessed with the beatles....... i like em there ok.

  8. yeah, the beatles do get far too much attention and are often over rated.

    there ARE other great bands out there ya know. :D
  9. the beatles are the greatest, most influential rock band ever and you would have to be a fool not to see that. they set the standard for rock n roll.
  10. ^^^^^^hell yea^^^^lucy in the sky with diamonds
  11. it will have to b lucy in the sky with diamonds
    i am the walrus
    let it be
    come together
    carry the weight?( not sure about the title)
    penny lane
    eleanor rigby
    a little help from my friends( i get high with)
  12. Best Beatles song ever = A Day in the Life
  13. There's already a compilation of all my favorite beatles songs, it's called Sgt. pepper. :D
  14. White Alblum ..... Best beatles CD ever created. Check out number 12 on disc 2. John Lennon said he spent a lot of his time working on this song. I believe its called "Revolution 9".
  15. yes,yes i agree, the beatles selection is good,ialways appreciate someone with good taste

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