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  1. Ok stoners I love the beatles. And me and a buddy are arguing about how people see the beatles. When I think beatles I think about 4 long haired hippies. He sees them as the suit and tie bowl haircut band. What about you guys ??
  2. I see them as both. My dad is a Beatles freak so I grew up with their music but mainly the stuff from the 60s. Got into their later music on my own eventually.
  3. Gotta agree here, I don't think they give most people one image of who they were.
  4. I too have a dad who loves of the first cds i remember getting was 1
    I've grown up with them and it's kinda weird, like their music is the theme to my life. It's even Wilder now that I'm older and have had experiences with pot and other Beatle treats, I know what they were feeling/seeing.
  5. I instantly think of the earlier years look.
  6. I really like some of their stuff..other stuff is
    I'm more into their psychedelic inspired music
  7. If you asked me what I thought of John Lennon or what I thought of Ringo Starr..or them individually...I think hippie.  When I think of "The Beatles" I think more of the bowl cut.  Maybe cuz they went solo they were already hippies.  I remember watching the videos in school of the beatles coming to america and I instantly think of that.  But if you break it down...I think of hippies.
  8. I mean they changed their image multiple times, they were both and more.
  9. The beatles went through change just as the 60's went through change. At first, they were those "fun lovin lads from liverpool". Then when John Lennon found out that the beatles were more popular than jesus christ, he went nuckin futz. They all grew their hair long and starting singing  "revolution'
  10. Hey revolution is a great song man.
  11. Both are 2 different stages of their legendary run, love them both personally. I feel as though later on their career their music became more conscious based.
  12. Beatles were only around in the 60's, from 62-70, before they broke up.
  13. Beatles were only around in the 60's, from 62-70, before they broke up.
    Ok so early 60s...
  14. They were spiritual artists, trying to see something through the "third eye" that would fill their void. That journey took them through several phases.
    Very talented. I can't think of any music they did as a band that I don't enjoy listening to at any time. Even through their "Krishna" era, I may not agree with the lyrics, but still enjoy the music in a way of talent.
    I remember watching them on the Ed Sullivan Show when I was a kid. I experienced the bubble gum trading cards, the Beatle Boots, the Saturday morning cartoons, the movies... but my folks wouldn't let me get a Beatle hair cut.
    I never really understood the chicks screaming and fainting. WTF?
    Personally I relate mostly to their psychedelic era. But it's all good stuff. 
    Most music takes me for a trip in the wayback machine.
    The Rolling Stones. Now there's a fuck'n band!
  15. The doors and pink floyd ftw ^
  16. beatles inspired each ;)
    I love the doors and floyd as well btw
  17. I don't listen to the beatles , but the suit and bowl haircut comes to mind

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