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  1. The bayverse Transformers movies can be critiqued to all hell but for some reason I find myself watching them over and over and over again. The CGI is wildly impressive for 2007-2011 and the difficulties with continuity can be easily forgiven.

    Michael Bay obviously added his patriotic touch to the films, but they're just too easy to get lost in. The characters, even the most insignificant, are just well-written satirical fun.
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  2. Is That The Ones With That Dude Shia W/E His Last Name is in Them? It's Been a Long Times Since I Seen those Ones But I Remember Liking Them Allot Especially The One With Sentinel Prime in it. :D

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  3. I like the ones with Shia. The new ones with Marky Mark are trash IMO. I agree the cg is amazing and the characters are fun but the story just went :bolt:
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  4. Yeah I heard that the last two movies weren't supposed to be made. Michael Bay wanted to end at Dark of the Moon but Hasbro demanded two more movies since the contract with the studio had not yet expired,
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  5. Makes sense. $$$ talks.
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  6. Bay directed Bad Boys 1&2 and many others, of his, I like 'The Rock' with Cage and Connery,
    he's the typical movie executive along with many others, that is slowly killing the biz
    You wanna take kids toys and turn it into a billion dollar business this is your guy,

    he started like everyone else 3 years film school
    5 years music vids and
    maybe 10 years making tv ads ..Ugh!
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  7. Ohhh Ok Lol I Knew That Name Sound Really Familar.

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