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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SekCKyle, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Okay so i am just a dude who is thinking about growing, so i go on here and i see all this stuff that i have to buy and stuff like, cant you just put some bag seeds or something in dirt and hope it grows?

    And im new to growing and im prob an intermediate toker, what are bag seeds and what do they look like?
  2. Bag seeds are the things you were talking about in your first sentence before asking what they were in the second. They're marijuana seeds found in weed that is usually sold in bags.

    Yes, you can just throw seeds in dirt outside and hope they grow. Indoors, however, they need a little more care; watering at the very least.
  3. I know like what they are, but i dont know what it looks like in the bag, like i have seen pictures of seeds and i have never seen that in my bags
  4. Do you know what a calyx is? Check Google images if you need. Pot seeds grow inside of the same calyxes that the stigmas (hairs) stick out of.

    The buds you smoke are the flowers from female pot plants. If males are grown with the females, or if any marijuana pollen floating in the air touches the female flowers, they will become pollenated and will grow seeds inside. Growers usually only grow female plants for smokeable bud without seeds.

    Count yourself lucky to never have purchased seedy weed.
  5. okay, so say i buy a dime, the seeds would be where?(im more visual)
    im thinking about making a grow operating out of a old PC(the biggest of mine were 19 inch by 14 which i think is too small what u think?) for my own use, i just need to keep it secret from people in the house,
    for the smell i will probably just use The ONA Odor Control Bucket like just for a little grow, i only need for myself, and i will try to follow budzills CFL guide
  6. i live with a buddy who is okay with it i just want to do secret so he doesnt have any more hassles in his life
  7. nvm about the PC its too small lol, i was just askin because it was the only big one i have
  8. As I said, the seeds grow inside the calyxes. Since the buds we smoke are mostly made of calyxes (to varying degrees, some buds are more leafy), you could just say that the seeds grow inside the non-leaf parts of the buds. If a bag of weed has seeds and they aren't in the buds, then they are sitting at the bottom of the bag.

    Some people grow in PC cases but it's not a growing method I can reccomend.
  9. You can hope all you want. If you want to grow bud you'll need more than a wish and a prayer however.

    Don't grow with anyone you have to keep it secret from, no matter how "ok with it" you may think that person is. You vastly increase your own chances of getting busted or ripped off, and you put the other person at risk without them even knowing it.

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