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the bad joint

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MOPSTaR, Feb 9, 2002.

  1. i was just sittin here rollin a joint as i read,and when i had fin rollin,i had fucked up.a smokeable joint,yes,but not very plzing to da eye.i was just wondering do you fell like shit when u roll a bad joint.when im on my own i dont care to much,put out with people at a session or something i fell like a fool when a roll a shit joint,it dosent happen much and dats probley why it hurts so much....
    what ye all got say???
  2. long-time reader, first-time poster.

    whenever i roll a bad joint (if ever) i just take it apart and give it a little more care the next time around. my smoking buddies aren't nazis so it's not embarassing for me if i roll a bad one.

    but if you're conscientious just pick up a rolling machine.
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  3. dude don't feel bad!
    i couldn't roll a joint to save my life, so you are WAYY ahead of me there! :D
    i love joint's though, and my better half ain't too hot on rollin them for me, so i bought myself a rolling machine and to be honest i love the damn thing!
    they only cost a couple bux and makei t so much easier :)
    good luck ~~
  4. takes for the replys all,just so you know i dont roll a bad joint to often.and a bad thing about rolling machines is dat you get a horrible shape from them,i like a nice cone shaped joint,with a so so roach,not to small,not to big.
  5. I am lucky, and have magical fingers(earned with years of practice!) so I don't have any problems twistin' one. I don't believe there is such a thing as a BAD joint!!! Just like with people, IT'S WHAT'S ON THE INSIDE THAT COUNTS!!!
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  6. dude i once known who rolled the most perfect joints, hada little magic fingers in himmelf.....DID A LITTLE TIME IN THE PEN he did!!!! . rolled the most perfect joints id ever seen,,,,,but i wouldnt turn my back on him for a second., or give him the keys to anything own so we'll eh, he dont !!!count.
    bout the jays... if they form some cylindrical shape that can be lighted and inhaled sounds smokeable to me.
  7. lighted?.....
    ok so it does bother me ...
    that cant be LIT and inhaled :)
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  8. I don't believe there is such a thing as a BAD joint!!! Just like with people, IT'S WHAT'S ON THE INSIDE THAT COUNTS!!!

    im agreeing with cowboysaxman on this one!!!!
  9. I agree, dana and cowboy. :D

    It certainly does take practice to learn how to roll well. But don't give up.
    There will be a day when the rolling machine will be lost or you'll lose it. (Well, ok, I suppose you could lose your fingers, but much less likely)

    The trick is to not pinch the rolling "log" in the middle while you try to roll it up. Pinch it top of center. Then as you roll it tightens up the log, not just mushing it around in circles making it more and more compact.

    I usually roll it up in a few mini-rolls. (Hard to explain while stoned) Roll it part way, then un-roll it partly, and continue on rolling it up until it feels right. I usually take about 3 times of going back and forth before I'm happy. And I've been rollin' this way from about...hmmmm....10 years or so. (Took me for EVER to learn how to roll. Mostly because I just used a rolling machine)

    But in the end, as long as it smokes, it's ok by me. Hate it when they run, though.
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  10. OOoooh i hope i did not imply that I didnt have magic fingers.....cause i DO ;)
    i just wouldnt complain bout someone elses rollin job
    i would just hope theyd tell me if id have weed between my teeth, thats not cool.
  11. Rolling the perfect joint is not hard but it does take lots and lots of practice.I think the key is to clean your weed really well.No seeds or stems.Powdery weed will always run on ya but to minimize the problem don't twist em so tight. All in all though,if it does'nt fall apart and catch yer clothing on fire it is a good joint.
  12. There are certainly different standards for how well a spliff has to be rolled, depending upon the occasion ;) If you're just out and about in town then just a standard, smokable cheefa is all you need, if you're out clubbing hardcore-stylee then any skunk you can lay your hands on is an absolute bonus, so the most hideous tarry L-plate is a godsend if it comes your way. But if you've been sat down with a box of Rips in, right place, right time then really they do have to be tasty! If a spliff is rolled properly it's a lot easier to smoke on because it's a lot less harsh.

    Cheers :D,
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  13. No such thing as a bad joint!

    Ive gotten much better at rolling but I roll too tight sometimes. Its fun to practice though. Occassionally I roll a perfect joint though and I feel like I'm on top of the world.
  14. lol this thread is 13 years old
  15. I hate bad joints, I once snapped and killed a room full of people at a party because someone handed me a bad joint [​IMG] I don't like them, of course, but if I roll one bad, I gut it and roll it again [​IMG]
  16. Practice makes perfect, MOPSTaR.
    If you want to get better, experiment rolling in your free time with leftover Swisher tobacco, tea leaves, etc.

  17. You didn't notice the op date? Or the post 2 up from yours that says this thread is 13 years old?
  18. #18 grasscoty, Jul 27, 2015
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 27, 2015
    I can't roll by hand for shit. So I use a roller. Perfect joint everytime.

    Good god this thread was started in 2002. My bad. Sorry.
  19. beenstoned, just in case...

    you never know
  20. Why does it matter if this thread is old? It's a good topic. I've been trying to roll good ones for years. I use a rolling machine and
    have since 1968 but there have been times when I didn't have one. I am just not consistent. I can roll a perfect one and the next time, it looks ridiculous.


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