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  1. What is the worst thing you've done when drunk?

    Be honest.
    Everyone can come up with a fantasy crazy story to seem outrageous or unfortunate. That's not the point here.
    If you've never fkd up like this, this is not about you then.

    What have you done that you deeply regretted for more than a month afterwards, possibly forever?

    To get it going:

    I once reunited with some friends I hadn't seen for almost a decade. We weren't BFF's or anything like that, but we knew each other. My life didn't depend on them, but I still would have liked to keep it civil between us.

    I had a great evening otherwise, but one (actually duchy) person provoked me after an entire bottle of rum that was drunk in a nice atmosphere. After that, I met this guy and I acted very physically aggressive towards him.

    In my defense, the guy is a legitimate douche, but instead of cleverly telling him off on whatever the subject matter was, I instead acted meathead-aggressive towards him, in open public.
    I was 10-15 years younger.
    It perfectly worked in intimidating him, and I am still not sorry for that part, but it also made me look bad in the eyes of the few people that were there. People I had hoped to keep it nice with.

    In the morning, I woke up to a monster headache, a pile of puke I left in a good friend's fancy apartment, and much explaining to do.
    This was over a decade ago, and I still think about it from time to time.

    So, what's your worst?

  2. Pretty much any time I had to ask what happened last night was pretty regrettable. It's never good finding out what you said and did secondhand. I try not to take it to 11 anymore.
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  3. My biggest regret is drinking and driving and thinking its ok, I got pulled over and lost my license for a year and paid a few thousand in fines, totally ok with it though, there was many times where I was blacking out behind the wheel, swerving into ditches. I was blessed not to have killed an innocent civilian. I needed a wake up call and boy did I get it, I haven't dranken booze and driven since that day.
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  4. I'm a saint when I drink.

    True story.
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  5. I'm a saint too, I haven't done anything that bad while drunk. Drugs are a different matter. I've done stuff I won't even tell you guys it was so bad. All I'll say is someone died because I fucked up while fucked up and I have confessed my actions to another person. I no longer think about it every day, probably it's about once a week now, 30 years later.
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  6. First time at an all inclusive resort, got way too fucked up and blacked out about 3 hours before my brother somehow got me back to our room and I passed out. Woke up in the middle of the night, had pissed the bed and apparently walked over to the wall and just started pissing on the wall/in an outlet thinking it was the toilet, which shorted out our air conditioning in a tropical climate. I also apparently pissed all over my brothers suit case. Ever since that night I don't drink liquor except for very rare occasions and if I do I stop at 4 drinks because liquor I go from fine to blacked out with a sip
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  7. That is both unfortunate and funny. :smoke:
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  8. I randomly came across this video before making the post.

    Very cringy situation.
    The guy was done, and he knew it. He knew all the consequences, legal and personal, that are coming his way. :(

    If drunk driving didn't carry severe results, like death, I'd almost feel sorry for him.
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  9. I was at my broski's party. I was stupid drunk and needed to piss. Being friends with the people who are throwing the party meant I had back stage access to off limits parts of the house like the upstairs master bathroom when I had to piss.

    Who happens to be there, passed the fuck out in the bathtub after getting sick on herself? My friends super cunt girl friend. No one liked this chick and the situation was just horrible all around.

    So she is passed out, snoring lightly, little bit of puke on her shirt. So in a moment of weakness I pissed on her. Just a quick shot across her shirt. Then, when she didn't stir I just hosed her down. Hair stuck to the side of her head, soaked to the bone and even washed some of the puke off of her shirt. That's pretty much the worst, cringiest drunk misadventure I've gotten in lol.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. I'm a fucking savage I know...
  12. What came of it the next day? Does anyone know it was you? How did she react when she woke up hungover and drenched in piss?
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  13. Well, she didn't reek of piss because I drank about 10 gallons of beer. They though she turned the shower on to try to clean off the puke. I told my friend about it twenty something years later and he said "fuck that bitch, she was a cunt of a drunk and an asshole".
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  14. The worse thing I ever did drunk was...

    I met this chick in a club. I was drunk but she was trashed. I drove her to her place (I know, also a no-no) and as I was banging her, she passed out.

    So what does a drunken horny guy do? Exactly! Bust a nut and beat feat.

    (I at least layed her on her side so she wouldn't choke if she vomited)

    What a scumbag!

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  15. I can't feel sorry for that asshole. He was obviously one of those cops who let other cops get away with speeding and drunk driving because he couldn't believe the cop wouldn't let him go. From the beginning when he showed his deputy badge he was expecting special treatment. He's an example of why I have no respect for fucking cops in general.

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