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  1. Here\'s a little something I wrote on the subject of the British National Party:

    The first rule of warfare is as well known as the idea of war itself. KNOW THINE ENEMY. And where better to go to know my enemies than the British National Party website? SO I went there and I was wondering. What exactly does the BNP stand for. I found a list of policies and compiled my own list of retorts to those ideas. \"Anti-Policies\" if you will. (I sent a copy to the bnp via e-mail and am yet to receive a reply).

    You say that the British people are a minority in their own country. When in fact- non whites make up less than 10% of the population. BNP Statement #1- BULLSHIT!

    You wish to keep the pound and traditional measures. Is this for more than an old and out-dated sentiment? Is there a real reason? BNP Statement #2- BULLSHIT.

    You reject the EU, and the single currency. If Britain were to join this single currency our economy would be less likely to suffer from a Pound that is too weak or too strong. With this union comes secure trading partnerships and Europe wide laws provide a level playing field for trade and better co-operation between nations. BNP Statement #3- BULLSHIT.

    You support Capital Punishment for certain crimes. So you kill a man for committing these crimes. A year later you find out he\'s innocent after all. What then? Will you perform a resurrection? DNA evidence? Oh well perhaps no one told you but DNA can get to a crime scene without the need for a crime. Scenario- you knock into a man who is a terrorist. A hair drops onto him from your own head. That hair drops onto the bomb he is about to use. Hard luck- you loose. Your only crime is to stumble. Corporal punishment for petty crime. Will that do any good? It never worked in the past. If we are honest- only kids are going to commit petty crime in this day and age. Do you want to beat a 10 year old for writing \"shit\" on a wall? BNP Statement #4- BULLSHIT.

    \"Globalisation, with its export of jobs to the Third World, is bringing ruin and unemployment to British industries and the communities that depend on them. Accordingly, the BNP calls for the selective exclusion of foreign-made goods from British markets and the reduction of foreign imports.\"

    Tell me- do you feel like trying to grow Coffee in England? Perhaps you can find workers who will be willing/desperate enough to work for less than a few pounds a week when BRITISH fat cats earn TENS OF THOUSANDS of pounds a week. We have no money because of other countries? Perhaps you should take a look at the many ways we are fucking other countries over. BNP Statement #5- BULLSHIT

    \"We are against the ‘trendy\" teaching methods that have made Britain one of the most poorly educated nations in Europe. We will end the practice of politically correct indoctrination in all its guises and we will restore discipline in the classroom, give authority back to teachers and put far greater emphasis on training young people in the industrial and technological skills necessary in the modern world.\"

    What would you know of the modern world. Do you know what it is to teach. Which is going to work better. Forcing a child to learn or making them want to learn. Do you do a job better when you want to do it or because you feel you have to go through the motions. You call us poorly educated? Well what about the MASSIVE increase of people entering into higher education. A far cry from the times long ago from which your stupid and outdated views are derived. And by the way- you can refer to political correctness as brain-washing (does using big words like \"indoctrination\" make you feel more intelligent?) but does not being offensive to others REALLY hurt people. Does calling a person \"Asian\" instead of \"Paki\" or \"Black\" instead of \"Nigger\" really damage people\'s ability to teach? This doesn\'t even make sense!- BNP Statement #6- BULLSHIT

    You would like to increase fishing in Britain\"s waters. What happens when people OVER FISH the waters and the cod die out. What will you fish for then? You can either have sustainable amounts of fish that are going to LAST or you can just leave infertile waters which are devoid of life and piles of unused and rotting fish. BNP Statement #7- BULLSHIT.

    \"\"The polluter pays to clean up the mess” must become a fact of life, not an electioneering slogan.\" Sorry, but You say \"NO\" to pollution yet refuse to deter people from using fuels which will damage the environment by taxing fuel. Well it is said by many that the greatest mistake you can make in an argument is to contradict yourself. BNP Statement #8 BULLSHIT.

    You would like to raise speed limits. Are you mad? Number one- Does a few extra MPH change the overall time of the journey by THAT MUCH? No. Does it effect the ability of the driver to stop the car before it runs into a child? YES. BNP Statement #9- BULLSHIT.

    Motorists, SCAPEGOATS??? 75% of air pollution is caused by cars. The average car could transport 5 people over a distance for the same amount of fuel. The average car uses that amount of fuel for one. That\'s 80% more fuel used that is needed to transport the average motorist. BNP Statement 10- BULLSHIT.

    Your whole attitude to foreign affairs STINKS. You would sit and watch starving children DIE because they were not lucky enough to be born in Britain? You would watch millions slaughtered in genocide while maniacs run riot because \"British interests are not threatened\"? We have a quarrel with everyone on earth who starves and kills fellow HUMANS. Privileged fucks like you and me and every citizen of every developed country in the world SHOULD FEEL OBLIGED TO WHINE AND KICK AND SCREAM UNTIL EVERYONE ON THIS PLANET HAS EVERYTHING THEY FUCKING NEED. If you were starving- would you not beg for any help anyone else could offer you. You did not CHOOSE this country- as many who have been born into hunger and pain did not choose their circumstances. THEREFORE YOU MAY NOT SAY THAT PEOPLE OF OTHER COUNTRIES DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO THE FREEDOMS THAT WE HAVE AS A NATION. YOU BELIEVE SO MUCH IN DEMOCRACY? WELL IT IS DEMOCRACY THAT GIVES YOU THE FINGER. IT IS THE BALLOT THAT KEEPS YOU OUT OF POWER- BRITAIN DOESN\'T WANT YOU. GIVE UP AND DIMINISH. BNP SELFISHNESS AND CRUELTY- BULLSHIT. BNP- SCAPEGOATING OF THE NON WHITE POPULATION- BULLSHIT.
  2. On my vacation I just got back from I had the \'pleasure\" of meeting with a pommie who reminded me of ths BNP thread. He was wearing a hat with the USA\'s Civil War Rebel flag on it. Now being the smart-ass I am I asked why would a British Citizen wear a Rebel Flag hat? His answer , \"The same reason you Yanks wear \'em. I hate blacks\"

    And at that moment I realized that every arguement in support of heritage and history in support of the flag was bullshit. Its a racist image that needs to be banned just like the swastika represents the NAzi\'s.
  3. We are all human.

    Think about treating every-one as a mirror yourself. Have thier pain and have their joy. We will all live happy then.
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