The awkward moment when..

Discussion in 'General' started by 221010, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. You go and grab a whip to take a hit of vape and swallow your pills?

    Yeah nah, decided water would've worked better.
  2. the akward moment when....

    ...someone is waving in your direction so you wave back, only to notice they werent waving to you
  3. That awkward moment when grasscity isn't twitter.
  4. that awkward moment when you and your friends all say bye

    and then walk in the same direction
  5. The awkward moment when ur telling a friend a story and get into full detail and are about to finish when he says "dude u already told me".

    Me: oh

  6. Good one :3
  7. This is such a common awkward moment and it's so easy to break the awkwardness.

    The best way to rid the awkwardness is to acknowledge it.

    "Yo why did you say bye then walk in the same direction as me?"
  8. That awkward moment when someone makes it awkward...
  9. The awkward moment when a waiter gives you your dinner and says "enjoy your meal" and you reply "thanks, you too!"
  10. that awkward moment when you get to the stop sign at the same time as another car and both of you are either waving at each other to 'go ahead and go first' or both of you dont make an effort to communicate with each other and have a stare down with the occasional inch or so creep forward. both situations resulting in a stale mate for about 7-10 seconds
  11. That awkward moment when you put it on her butt on accident
  12. Im not understanding something.

    What does whip mean in that context? Whip cream, a whip to beat people with, slang for cars, cool whip? I mean, I just have no fucking clue what you mean by whip.

  13. The mouthpiece on the end of the tube that is attached to the whip :L :smoke:
  14. That awkward moment when... you are out of bud
  15. The awkward moment when you are scratching your nose, but it looks like your going in for a pick, and someone see's you and you know that they see you, and they know that you know that they saw you..

  16. This always happens with me, but at the movies...
    "enjoy your movie" me: "thanks, you too"

    its never an accident :devious:
  17. That awkward moment when you make a thread with the same title and description as a thread already in existence.

  18. the awkward moment when you get head from a girl that ends up having a bigger dick than you...

    oh wait what/
  19. The awkward moment when your at your friends house and your friend is gettin bitched at so you just stand there and pet the dog
  20. ^hahaha

    That awkward moment when someone says this is awkward and then it becomes awkward.

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