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The Answer is in the stars... (A very short story)

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by GGrass, Apr 23, 2010.

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    She stood in front of the mirror and corrected her make up. But she was already looking gorgeous, her long blonde hair falling graciously over her shoulders.

    There was a small window inside the lady's room, and on the corner of her eyes, she saw the stars out at night, lining up to make the letter Y, and she thought it was peculiar.

    She added the final touch on her soft lips and walked back to the table, where her boyfriend was waiting.

    On her way back to the table, she thought about the stars she saw and she wondered if they could have meant something, and she had asked herself what Y could mean, and she thought the Y could have meant YES.

    As soon as she took her seat, I asked her on my bended knees,

    "Ms. Taylor Swift, will you marry me?"


    The diamond on the ring shone like the stars.

    And she had remembered seeing the stars, lining up the sky to make a big Y, and she said,


    The end.

    Please don't shoot me.
  2. haha well that was interesting. Not quite what i've come to know from you mr grass. I'm still skeptical of your identity dont you forget it!
  3. Hahaha...

    You must've been confused after reading it...

    It was a childish story... but the stars lining up to make a big Y was true though. I saw it from my bathroom window.

  4. twas...nice.

    well written also!
  5. Gee... Thanks a lot Mr. Man Fan!!


  6. did they mean anything to you?
  7. Yeah, they did. They meant me this story.
  8. Bump for Miss Swift...
  9. Always fun to read your stuff Grass....

    I think iv said this before, but whatever your doing now i think you should quite and start writing romance novels. But like kinky ones cuz i know you like that shit :D
  10. Haha... thanks man... :smoke:

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