The amount of hours I spend on GC

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  1. I love spending time on this site. Its pretty much the first thing I do when I turn on my computer. Since I am spending so much of my day on this site, I was curious if there was a job with Grasscity I could apply for.

    If so, then I have a very well rounded resume I can share or submit.
  2. i saw a link for something about becoming a sponsored poster or something like that i think i remember reading that you could get paid for your posts or somethin
  3. what skills do you have?


  4. I have two years of professional sales experience and one year of I.T. experience.

    Beyond that, I have managed a couple of blogs - all of which I have discontinued. I am currently hired on as a writer for the, however I have not posted an article in a long time.
  5. You're better off getting a bullshit job in retail and browsing GC on your phone all day.

    @ SJ, I'll do volunteer work for GC if you write me a letter that says I completed XX number of volunteer hours for a public service website...minor in accounting; 4 years experience w/ Adobe products; decent expository writer, but no creative stuff
  6. Would you seriously consider someone?
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    If you are interested in joining Grasscity Team we will be in the process to setup of a writers team, however this is a work in progress, don't call us, we call you! ;-)


    Yes we would.
  8. What kind of skills are you looking for?
  9. Sorry about the delayed response , i completely missed this response. Just realized.

    The team we are planning to create will be responsible for creating new content on Grasscity including articles , news , reviews etc...
  10. Hell not that it matters but I vote for Mushroom :) . Always helpful things to say.
  11. I sent Rummy a PM saying I'd be interested in being a writer for the site. I didn't include a resume but offered up a writing sample. I've had several publishers interested in my writing and have been published in various magazines and publications before.

    I know Rummy is busy but I'm not sure who mert is, or what more to include in a PM to show what you guys are looking for.

  12. mert is me :) It would be better if you send it through e-mail as those applications will be kept on a special place so we all can review those.
  13. hmmm.... I spend a good chunk of my day browsing GC at work on my phone but never entertained the thought you could do work around here haha

    wish i was a writer. one day when i have as many posts as mushroom maybe I'll be lucky enough to become a mod or something.
  14. [quote name='"gnik drazil"']

    mert is me :) It would be better if you send it through e-mail as those applications will be kept on a special place so we all can review those.[/quote]

    Mert can you delete my account I'm using? Ive been trying to get it deleted but GC won't contact back or delete it -_-
  15. Please check my signature , i don't deal with moderation etc..

  16. PM me man....
  17. hahahahahaha

    "sirsog has more karma than you can shake a stick at"

    who comes up with this shit hahahaha

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