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  1. I go outside into the woods to smoke a bowl (youll see where im going with this..hold on) and I think about nature and shit and how barely anyone sees it in modern day life. Then I come inside on myspace and find a film..

    I start reading..and watched the trailer..looks like such a sick movie..

    then I goto the pictures section of their myspace and see one who was commented on by a 26 year old native american..I proceed to click on his myspace to find this:

    so the white men turned crazy horse into this man in under 400 years...thats not too shabby eh? sorry if this makes sense to no one else :smoke:[​IMG]
  2. Was there a point to all this that I seem to have missed? What's the second link have to do with 'the american indian'? And this comment: "so the white men turned crazy horse into this man in under 400 years." What in the hell are you talking about?!

    Well, I guess the answer could have been found somewhere on the page from the second link, but who wants to wade through all his personal bullshit to find it? :confused: :cool:
  3. That made no sense to
  4. how does it make no sense? the canary effect movie is about how the white men came to America and began to change Native Americans lives...

    and then I found a real modern day native american who left a comment on canary effect's myspace picture...the kid was all proud "wooting" about his native american heritage and how awsome this movie was going to be...

    I just found it extremely ironic that its proved by the kid America has turned these people into that kid on myspace..but I guess no one else does
  5. I understood it, cushy

    yes, it is ironic
  6. thank you..I guess theyre not :smoke:

  7. Proved by the kid? Wasn't history proof enough? I mean, it's nice that you've narrowed down the results of the white man's disregard for the native American to this one kid, but it's surely not proof of the statements made in the trailer. You've simplified it way too much, and that's pretty much an injustice to the work that the filmmakers have done.

    So, what's the 'crazy horse' comment about?

    The same sort of defiling of a culture by the white man is apparent in many parts of the world. Can you disseminate the factors that brought down these other cultures into one glaring example as you did with the Boy Who Destroyed The World? Take in the whole picture and it doesn't seem all that ironic... :cool:

  8. wow dude, ive never agreed with you more.

    cushy, im still not comepletely sure about the point you were presenting.
  9. Im not sure what my point was either..but it had something to do with the this native american kid flauting his heritage..while he has obviously lost all of his 'native ways'

  10. Is that what you were trying to point out? That the native American kid still takes pride in his heritage despite what the white man has done to his people over the years? Why didn't you just say that then? It's kinda difficult to discern from your post that that's what you were commenting on.

    Still, I'm bewildered by the reference to Crazy Horse and the 400 year thing. You do know that Crazy Horse was born in 1845 and died 33 years later? That's where I get confused about the 400 year remark. Care to comment on that?
  11. I just used crazy horse as an example of a stereo typical old native american..

    I think youre overthinking this..stop researching shit and just think for a second..not an hour..I was just trying to point something out..if you get it --good

    if you dont..too bad Im not explaining it any more
  12. well if i "underthought" it, it would come across as generalized racist bullshit, which i dont normally mind...but a few readers werent clear of what you meant.

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