The american government and most americans are greedy monopolising f***s

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Che Guevara, Sep 1, 2002.

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  1. Is it only me that thinks that americans are incredibly greedy and don\'t care about anyone from other nationalitys? i\'m sure that it\'s mostly gonna be americans reading this post, so i don\'t want to generalise too much, but for evidence of my claim just look at how the large corporations run themselves. They try to make as much money as possible without any concern for the consumer, and don\'t seem to care about whose feet they tread on to make it to the top. If you don\'t beleive me watch video of a walmart conferance and notice how monoploising the shareholders are. American people need to learn to give more and care less about money and more about others. They are mostly way to wrapped up in there own business to realise that people around the world are in trouble, and giving $10 a month to green peace isn\'t enough. Also Bush only cares about americans, for example he opted out of the emmisions agreement (can\'t think of the name right now) to benefit his country, which is easily the richest in the world and really doesnt need the money generated by the economy. Sorry to generalise about american people, i\'m just speaking out of my experience of americans. Sorry to offend anyone.
  2. \"A loyal American is one who gets mad when a foreigner cusses the institutions he cusses.\"
  3. \"A loyal American is one who gets mad when a foreigner cusses the institutions he cusses.\"

    By Crocii


    Elaborate further please. the way this is phrased it gives me the impression that if I am cursing an institution and you are cursing that same institution then I get mad at you providing of course that you are a foreigner. It would make better sense if you said \" A loyal American is one who gets mad when a foreigner curses the institutions that he holds sacred (or dear).\" Personaly I\"m a bit ticked of over some of the crap we gotta out up with ourselves. Heck, most of the general public has to scratch for a living just like everyone else in the world.
    I do admit that some of the countries I see in the news and such have it pretty rough and makes me think \" Gee, what if I had been born there?\" I dont really have an answear because I\'m not physically in that situation. Anyway we do have quite a few people here in the US that are in bad shape but we try to do our best.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  4. lmao bastard..its supposed to be somewhat of a joke.meaning that americans constantly bitch about their govrnment..yuet this act of whining about it is what is sacred in itself...when a foreigner does it..although the american holds the same views, its still taken as offense.....and if you dont get that..then this ones WAY over your head my friend...

    Generalising your comments are indeed unacceptable...Americans are well aware that their government is runn by corperately corrupt assholes.... you DO know that george bush wasn\'t voted for by the majority of americans right? DO know that he paid people off, and silenced those who objected to his presidency (the people) right? DO know that americans are constanly protesting against their own government right? Do know that (other than the september 11th timeframe) americans do not agree with, or support their \"president\" (aka dictator dubya) right? live outside of the US and to assume WE americans are at fault for what our global \"representative\" is doing is somewhat selfish and naive...and you\'re W. Bush does not care only about americans..he cares only about himself and his political financers.....he will just as easily walk all over an american than he would any other nationality....maybe its about time you looked beyond invisible boundaries which seperate our countries and that make us so \"different\" and try to do YOUR part as well...hmm? maybe once you can see things on a global scale and not simply blame citizens of another country will you be doing any good...
  5. I am not generalising here- most Yanks aren\'t bad people (most people aren\'t bad people) but I do think that a lot of the americans I\'ve talked to (even some on the city-altho most don\'t come here any more) do seem to think that being born in America makes them better than others and that America is somehow a \"better\" country. Well no. Everyone is good and bad in different ways and no one is really better than anyone else. And as to the country itself yer it has some very nice places and very nice sights. But so does the rest of the world. The americans have places in them but so does canada (canada has a lot of nice places- just see Unoit\'s posts- at least I think it\'s canada in Unoit\'s posts) Cwm Idwal in wales, the lake district in england, there are lots of places in Scotland and Ireland but i won\'t name them because I can\'t think of any off hand. Australia has the magnificant great barrier reef. Everywhere has it\'s pros and cons. Everywhere is good and bad in some ways.

    I don\'t beleive that any country is better than any other. Yer everyone has had fucked up governments at times- Iraq has saddam and the US has bush and the UK Had Thatcher (a damn site worse than blair).

    But most of the americans I\'ve talked to are generaly as nice as the next people.
  6. Not all people are alike. I\'d say 90% of all americans are nice. I\'d say any where you go the odds are about the same.

    Nubbin has a very good point. Our present president was not voted in by the people. He was voted in by the Corporate america. Gore may have not been any better (or maybe he would have been perfect) noone knows, but one thing for sure when it comes to presidents, You don\'t know the real person till he is in office!

    Making a post like you made make me think you are not a good person myself. All you are doing is making trouble.
  7. The Che Guevara comments I dismissed as some sort of psuedo-revolutionary comments emminating from an uinformed brain that thinks its been informed. When I was trying to figure to out what he was talking about I was reading crociis\' post and became further confused. Then NuBBiN says this comment in its original form is something of a joke and he\'s probably right in telling me that the nuances of political thinking are over my head. Heck fire I\'ve always been happy to be an American, been able to travel around the United States without anyone questioning me about my right to be where I am, been able to go into Canada and Mexico without a passport, going further into South America did require a passport but it was obtained with no hassle, (never been to Europe, Africa or any other country excepting Viet Nam didn\'t have a passport there just some kinda government blanket program) but Home was Always Home and I\'m proud of my Home and it ticks me off when my chosen leaders try to stomp and crap on it (these leaders by the way were not of my chosing but by chicanary and political manuevering these are the leaders we have) or any body else trying to stomp and crap on it. I ain\'t trying to Lord it over anyone and trying to say my Home is better but this is where I was born and this is where my ashes will be scattered. It does worry me about the theory of restricting my rights in order to protect my rights that our government is so avidly proposing and I must admit I don\'t exactly know what to do about it and I don\'t picture myself as a greedy grasping ready to run over anyone type of guy. Only picture I see of myself nowdays is an old, fat and ugly sorta guy with no teeth who loves his home, his wife, his pot, his job, his mushrooms his morningglorys and his dogs (the order of these things can be rearranged at any time). Enough meandering,

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  8. I KNOW!...

    Lets make a new country....but instead of the government leading the people...the POEPLE..lead the GOVERNMENT!...and..and...we\'ll call it...a....uh...erm...DEMOCRACY!..YES A DEMOCRACY!...just like communism...but fat free!...democracy one..only one calorie
  9. this whole government idea smells
    alot like shit to me

    jest another way for a few men
    to put them selves above the rest of us

  10. I do believe that technically we are a democratic republic. No?

    And damn, you guys are good. I\'m going to have to visit more often so all the good points haven\'t already been made and made very well.

    But.... I\'d like to nit pick a little about the big companies only wanting more money and not caring at all about the customer.

    Basically the way I understand it, if the products themselves are not safe then we won\'t buy it. Basically for this reason (and competition) the companies have to at least \"care\" about the customer a little.

    I don\'t know if this is an American exclusive or not, but around here if we don\'t like anything about a product or the company who makes it....... we boycott.

    You know, I didn\'t buy anything from McDonalds for a few years because I heard they were buying beef from Argentina, who was clearing rain forest for cattle grazing land.

    Crazy little stupid shit like that makes a difference. So the companies better at least be able to bullshit the customer into believing that they DO care about us, and be able to put out a competitively good product, or we just won\'t buy their shit.

    Hell, even the dope dealers around here buy into the mindset of \"customer service\". Works nicely if you know how to work the system a little (though I usually don\"t push it with dope dealers). :D
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