The American Empire

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  1. With the NATO states and the Asian powerhouse nations becoming more chummy every day, it seems as if there really is nothing in the foreseeable future that would bring the American empire down. Economically, as soon as a country begins to boom we do everything we can to take them under our protection, and the countries are almost always welcoming our support.

    What are our main threats, militarily?

    Russia - Constantly losing global influence, look at the former soviet nations and how their allegiance has changed since the fall of the USSR.

    Rogue nations scattered throughout the globe - One of these gets taken down with every presidency. Sure the wars cripple us but not enough to take down the empire

    Terrorism - Again, not a big enough threat to the stability of the country. Although homegrown terrorism, if coinciding with a major war, could be pretty damaging, terrorism alone isn't enough.

    I don't think theres really going to be a single thing that can "take down" the American empire, just the build up over generations of reckless foreign policy, overspending, hyperinflation, and dissent here at home will cripple us to the point where our influence all depends on the near 10,000 nuclear warheads we currently have on American soil. Although even if America the country wields less dictatorial power, our allies throughout the world who may or may not suffer similar woes will still have the same foreign policy goals, and will certainly advance what by then this empire we created.

    Unless of course there is some massive transnational uprising of the people, which I don't see happening
  2. Historians blame the downfall of Rome on because the men in Rome over time became non-fertile, this had to do with the vast amounts of lead pipes that were throught the city and cities surrounding Rome. Plumbing, the main reason why Rome became a great city and it's greatest downfall.

    I think when we look at the downfall of America, we need to look at what has made us a great country over the years.
  3. Our own hubris may be our downfall.
    God bless America? As if a god of all would only bless America.
    Proud to be an American? Is it a virtue to be so full of pride?
    Just thinkin.' :)

  4. Oh, for sure. It's what you all tried to escape from by sailing to the Americas. But you've lost your way and let these corrupt fucks interweave themselves into your politics.
  5. What? Where's your source for that?

    who is "you"? Americans are incredibly diverse.
  6. when you say "you" do you mean the citizens of the US? I don't think the citizens of the US "let" the "corrupt fucks" do anything.
    when you "let" someone do something, it usually means that they ask for permission, and it is then allowed.

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