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  1. Will it fall? Can it fall? Can other nations dictate to the United States? Do other nations have enough political power to weaken the US?

    Does America own the whole world through the IMF and World Bank? Or is America a sovereign nation competing for resources around the world as the media suggests? Will the Euro replace the Dollar as the leading reserve currency? Can there be two equal but seperate reserve currencies? Is the "decline" of the Dollar a sign of the end or a part of a bigger plan?

    Is outsourcing a way of "selling us out" or a way of creating more secure and higher paying skill-based jobs? Does the rest of the world need us more than we need them, or vice-versa? Can other leading nations afford for the US to fail?

    Is the US the figure-head of a global machine or is there an "US vs. Them" struggle that must come to an end?

    Alot of questions, I know. Answer some, answer them all... answer none; this thread is for sharing your ideas on the nature of the current and future role of the American Empire.
  2. these are great questions man, and i'm really curious to see where it goes :)

    i think it's the opposite. The world banks and the IMF own america and the world.
  3. Special interests and the demented philosophy of conquest have driven most wars throughout history. Rarely has the cause of liberty, as it was in our own revolution, been the driving force. In recent decades our policies have been driven by neo-conservative empire radicalism, profiteering in the military industrial complex, misplaced do-good internationalism, mercantilistic notions regarding the need to control natural resources, and blind loyalty to various governments in the Middle East.

    -Dr. Ron Paul

  4. Thanks.

    Well, I suppose the question then becomes... what nation do these bankers call home? One that allows for the most corruption? One with the most military insurance? Which people do they have to ensure are the fattest and happiest to preserve their order?
  5. This isn't the same as the Roman Empire. We are not expanding land like they did which basically lead to their demise.
  6. we might not be claiming land in the name of the USA but we do have a military presence and political influence in many counties. Isn't that the same thing?
  7. Yes we have a presence places but we do not downright control the places like the Roman empire did. If we wanted to we could pull out and still be a world power. The romans had total control over their territory.
  8. if i were an elite world banker i would make sure the politicians and media heads were the fattest and happiest.
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    I think if there is a country out there that can challenge the US it is China. While they may not be able to currently, I believe that China will emerge as the new economic power house and I believe China will use that to undermine the US. The US already relies on China as much as China relies on us economically.

    That's the 21st century equivalent imo.
  10. I still like to pretend it's May 8 1945
  11. All you gotta do is read of the rise and fall of the roman empire, the similarities are striking.
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    Pereptual Burn ;)

    Has the American Empire already peaked?

    Are we so sure that the Roman Empire was even remotely as powerful as America? Is it not like comparing apples to an orange tree?

    Rome brought territories, nations, and empires into it's republic... America is past those day, now they prop up sovereign nations with monopoly money that never has to be repaid.
  13. You know, that beautiful time after we nuked the Japanese, beat the Germans into submission and totally obliterated the Italian fascists.

    Everything looked like it was going to be alright.

    ...and we know how the rest of the story goes.
  14. Well, one broad storyline might go like...

    They crippled the only nation capable of challenging American supremecy without firing a single shot becoming unanimously the world's premier superpower.
  15. Yes, and various imperialistic wars, global policing, the rise of industrial military powers, the explosion of fear culture and a laughable political future.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to criticize anybody; the events which unfolded were simply unfortunate.
  16. Your empire's crumbling as it gets greedy with what it wants. You, the people, suffer. Them, the bankers, war profiteers, political officials, prosper.
  17. the bankers and war profiteers is a global thing. Created long before the United States existed.
  18. It is though. Not technically expanding land but expanding ownership to resources and political puppets which is why the roman empire was conquering land. Same exact purpose.
  19. I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.
  20. The "World Bank" is a socialist wealth redistribution and money laundering tool. Yes...we compete for resources -- promarily with China. China has the most rapidly expanding industrial economy in the world.

    We "outsource" jobs because its cheaper. Labor costs in the US keep going up and up thanks to labor unions and minimum wage hikes. If all things were equal, hiring American would be a noble and good thing.

    The Euro is strong in Europe. The US dollar is traded in every country around the world. Europeans have come to be contemptuous of us and it's partly our fault. The French hate us....primarily because we did nothing to help them in their Vietnam War the decade before ours. The French lost the last of their colonies in the early half of this century. Because we didn't help them in southeast asia, they wouldn't help us contain the Libyan threat in 1986. That's when we accidentally bombed their embassy in Libya. The French hate us.

    There is an "us vs them" mentality in the world. Unfortunately, we don't always hold the moral high ground. Our socialist and elitist tendencies of government and those in government expose us to criticism and targeting.

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