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  1. So i'm chilling in my room all relaxing when my mom comes running down the stairs with a lighter i had left around in her hand, she flips out and the decides to search my room, i'm thinking go right ahead, i got my shit hidden well, she spends like a couple hours looking around, all she finds is a bottle of butane (i say its for a science project, i dont even take science, but she believes it). So i guess my shit is on lock. So what are your stories about almost being caught and having kick ass hiding spots or ninja weed ditching skills?
  2. When I was like 14, first time I got caught smoking, I ate a blunt =/
  3. A couple of nights ago my folks were out of town, so I was rolling a spliff in the livingroom and then went to sleep and forgot all about it. I left papers and spillt tobacco and weed on the table. Luckily I realized it as soon as I woke up and they hadn't come home yet.
  4. i was smoking with this chick and we left, and i was still holding the weed and we walked into wendys, ordered food, and when we sat down she was like hey! you still are holding that???
    andi was like oh shit.... then this cop comes in the door and i have no pockets so i just put it in my lap and he smells out loud and says, do you kids have any marijuana on you?
    and i had some sour d and lush

    and we are like no....
    and hes like... hey you (and he points to me) put you hands on the table, so i leave the weed on my pants, and he tells me to stand up, and the girl i was with grabs the weed off my pants and while he searches me she put the weed in her vag :)

    she gets searched and he finds eyedrops, she said she carried them for me sense i have contacts and i showed him
    he left with a dirty look

    and then once she gave it bad i was turned on like a mother fucker
  5. then you went home and beat off?
    ROFL jk

    Mannn I have so many close calls its not even funny.. but this one is definitely the best.

    One time at about 1 in the morning we pick up my friend from this party, hes already wasted and we are stoned as fuck with a case in the trunk. So we stop to get gas as this fucking vacant ass gas station and my friend (driver) goes inside to pay and while hes inside a cop cruises through.. well i see the cop in the rear view wayy before he gets to us so I alert my friend in the backseat.
    So what does he decide to do? Well shit lets just act normal and drink this KEYSTONE LIGHT as he rolls by. Hes like "dude i just showed the cop the beer". Im like are you fucking serious dude..
    The cops keeps rolling forward and gets about 10 feet from the front of our car to the rear end of his, and then his reverse lights come on.. ROFL worst feeling ever. Not to mention the dude we picked up was too drunk to even mention that he has the beer in the first place.
    My friend INSIDE the station has some kill in his pocket and I see him coming out the front double doors and he still at this point does NOT realize that shit is bad. Hes likes flicking me off and im just shaking my head and trying to give him some kind of warning.
    So he finally gets in range to realize that OH FUCK ITZ THE C0PS and just non nonchalantly proceeds to put gas in his car ROFL. He finished fueling up and leaves his stash in the gas tank, BRILLIANT. Funny thing is he didnt even get searched.
    (inside the car) I have a gram in my shorts in the backseat which I didnt even realize until I myself was being searched. And we also have a case in the trunk like i said (all minors)
    So they proceed to arrest my drunken friend in the backseat and put him in the cop car.
    Then the time of truth begins.. searching the car.
    He finds the crushed half full beer that my friend frantically tried to make dissapear and we tell him it isnt ours because it wasnt we had not been drinking.
    Then he keep looking and finally get to the clothes he lifts a pair of jeans and looks under them, nothing. Grabs my shorts and im like fuckkkk and he just throws them to the side also.. greatest relief ever.

    So in the end my friend got cuffed and taken out of our car and put into the cruiser, where they then took him straight home at like 2 in the morning to wake up his parents. He got an MIC which ended up screwing him over pretty bad.
    We got let go and when we bounced out of that gas station it was the craziest feeling ever..

    The most epic thing about this whole event was that he wrong our warning ticket and my friends ticket ON THE TRUNK OF THE CAR.. hahah good times
  6. Last night actually, I had just finnished making a vape when my dad walks downstairs to go to his office and sees the vape in my hands.

    dad: What the hell is that?

    me:ummm science project?

    dad: whats the project?

    me: well we are making a volcano and this goes inside the volcano, it holds the baking soda here (pen tube to inhale) and the vinegar goes in here (lightbulb)

    dad: oh okay, back in my day we just put a glass inside and filled it with vinegar then dropped the baking soda

    me: yeah well our teacher wanted us to be more creative since im in university

    dad: well if you need any supplies dont hesitate to ask

    One of the scariest moments of my life
  7. Damn haha were you high already whilst rolling? ;)

    That was real slick. Haha :cool:
  8. whats your hiding spot, i mean u mustve hid it good if she looked for hours and didnt find it
  9. I'm tending my plant in the closet, and the way it's set up is its a closet above a built in set of drawers, so I see a pair of feet appear on the other side of the door. I nonchallantly shut the closet, and pretend to go to clean something else.

    no one was the wiser.

    a few friends found the lgihting setup in the closet a week later, after I transferred outside, and asked my brother about it, he just said they were just in there, and he didnt have any real reason.

  10. one time my buddies and i had just killed a bowl

    we had been smoking in the woods near my house and as we were walking out i still had the bowl in my hand. My neighbor was like, what were u guys doing there. I said we were smoking cigs. he asked about the bowl and i was like oh u put the cig in this hole right here and this is what u smoke if from.

    He's an old guy and i guess he bought it...
  11. Ok back in the days when I first started toking I was with my friend who doesnt smoke on my back deck lighting up my potato bowl. (i know, disgusting, but sometimes you have to be creative). He's inside watching tv.

    Anyways I have my weed inside on the kitchen table, right in front of the door where you enter from the garage. So in mid hit I see the door open and my dads walks in from work. I chuck the potato and run inside knowing its too late my weed is just sitting out right in the open.

    So im coming in from the back door the same time hes coming in the front door, and im like oh shit its too late. Just freaking out and this is one of my first times getting high, its hitting me hard. But my friend to the damn rescue put that weed in his pocket. Man I was relieved.
  12. Back in high school i was smoking in my room using a home made gatorade bong.The door is locked. Suddenly my dads comes up to my room and asks me what I'm doing. I quickly ditch my weed and hide the bong. I said "just a minute" and after about 45 secs i open the door and start talking to my dad. He asks me why it took so long to open the door.
    the only thing i could think of was, "um.. i was jacking off."
    my dad then asks, "why does it smell like smoke" i said "
    i said "i like to light candles it just makes better.. you know?"
    my dad just says "no i don't know...." and walks away.

    my dad probably thought i was a douche bag for lighting candles when i masturbate
  13. thats funny as hell, ur dad couldnt tell the smoke was the herb? and do you have candles in your room or were u bsing about that?
  14. When I was in high school, I used to keep my stash in a emptied out deodorant stick thing filled with dryer sheets. I would glue the stick to a wooden board on the underside of my bed.

    One day my mom decides that she knows im smoking, and starts to tear apart my room. I come home from school to discover her yanking things out from under my bed and going through them. Right after she tells me she knows that I'm smoking and she is going to find proof, she picks up the deodorant stick(which had came unglued and fallen down when she was pulling things out from under the bed.) I'm terrified, but she just tosses it to the side and continues.

    She still apoligizes to this day, and cleaned up my room afterwards and gave me twenty dollars. Closest I've ever been to caught by my parents(don't have to worry about it anymore, I'm married and have my own place)
  15. This is the closest i have come.

    I normally smoke in my room and blow it out the window, but the wind was being weenie that day and blowing smoke in my room, extremely counterproductive. So I decided to go to the den downstairs and smoke out by the sliding glass door. As I finish I head upstairs bowl in hand to see my dad opening the door coming home for lunch.

    I very smoothly slide the bowl into my pocket and help my dad open the door just as the high kicks in.

    Not very exciting...i know but I kinda like it that way ya know?
  16. this just happened

    i was playing live for speed on my computer stoned, i forgot to put away my weed so i had it in my hand while holding my controller, my mom walks in and says, "why are you holding a bag?"
    and im like, "Nintendo!"

    after an awkward minute of her staring at me and looking at her every so often while racing she finally left

    i guess i didnt realize it untill later ha
  17. I remember one time i was with a friend packin some bowls and i decided to wash dishes since the time goes by quicker when im faded. Since we had just finished smoking, i left the lighter, pipe and container in the living room on the table. suddenly my step bro comes out and opens the door and his mom walks in. luckily she really needed to piss so she went to the bathroom not noticing what was on the table and then her friend walks slowly in so i run to the door and block the table with my body as i greeted her friend in and in a ninja like fashion i slipped all the supplies into my pocket & continued doing the dishes. when my step bros mom comes back she looks at me and says:
    "You look like you were smoking some mad pot!" i looked at her with a stoned out look and jusst say
    "saaay whaaat" :smoking: and she then goes
    "im just fucking with you!" scariest shit ever!
  18. Hahaha. Thats ridic, this thread needs more!
  19. I remember about 6 months ago, my friend's parents were going out of town so she invited a few people over to party since she was gonna leave for the air force a week later. She said we could smoke weed and shit, even though she couldn't at that time, so we were all sitting out back on her porch smoking mad bowls out of this chicks sick gas-mask piece, playing music and shit, ya know, just hanging out. This chick Autumn had the mask on and it was completely full of smoke; you could hardly see her red-ass eyes lol. Well, we heard something over by the back gate, then we saw a flashlight, and next thing we knew a cop was walking up the back steps and just sorta stared at us. WE were all shocked as hell, cuz, dude, there was a fucking cop in the backyard, wtf?! Well, he pretty much just laughed at us and told us to put our shit away and quit being so damn loud cuz of all the noise complaints lol.

    Weird shit man.
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    i agree!

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