The allure of the silent tv

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Jan 26, 2003.

  1. I'm watchin tv right now (ok ok so I smoked a bowl or three in five minutes and I haven't smoked for amonth or two (town's been dry) anyways I wondered if any of you had ever noticed about silent TVs when ur in a bar or just generaly with someone in a public place and they seem to turn into a TV. Anyways It's like you're standing there talking and all of a sudden you find yourself going "oooohhhh" and your vision fucking off to the tv... all your friends go "hey!!!.... ooooooohhhh" and ur all there reduced to mindless zombies. And the irony of it is- IT's silent. If it were a noise producing TV no you would ignore it. right?

    So why do you look at it- cos it's silent... Anyways do you ever wnder if idiots do seem to be in control of things? it's like: why is weed ILlegal? George Bush can't spell his own name, and don't get me started on the middle east- do the words: humble pasty mean anything to you?

    I gotta read some posts ans then go to bed- its a quater to two!!!
  2. i know what you's good to be wasted with your pals and make up the words and out....Sid
  3. lol, we've done that with those japanese cartoons..they are fun to mess with..and when your in bar lol, yeah see I know what your talkin, im thinking one thing, my friends thinking another and god know what is really being said.. :)
  4. what i meant was when u have a tv on and u keep just watching it even tho it's silent, like you're trying to work out what the plot is and even tho u don't understand a word of it you look at it cos you're intrigued and it's this that makes you ignore everything around you when there's a silent tv around.. it'd make great riot control... you can imagine it- people looting and throwing shit and beating each other up and over come these big helicopters with silent tvs on them and all the rioters just get transfixed by these big fucking silent tvs and no one is interested in rioting any more- just working out what's being said...
  5. I always thought the simon and garfunkle song "Sound of slience" was about tv. When they talk about the neon glow. But i dont think it is now. But it kind of makes sense if it was a tv.
  6. Me and my friend were smoking in my bathroom one night and I came back from my session to see him sitting there watching the TV and wadya know - it's on mute. But the funny thing is, he's real stoned, and it's on comedy central standup. How could you ever watch stand up comedy when the TV's on mute. I started laughing my ass off.

  7. thats funny shit. can put that past a stoner though ;)

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