The Accident

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  1. The Accident
    (Or, The Little Reality That Could.)

    Many people are dying in the biggest accident of all time!
    We became This, because we wanted to know what we were.
    But when we became This, what we were became something different.
    It couldn't help itself.
    It had to change.
    It had never seen itself like that before.
    So now, This, is a thing created for the purpose of studying a thing that stopped existing when it created This thing.


    Ok, don't panic, this reality is all made up!
    We will make it up again.
    This time if we could just to do it on purpose,
    then the accident will stop.
    It's gonna take all of us to clean This, up.
    So put your thumbs in the junk drawer in the kitchen, and lets get to work!
    (I think I am. I THINK I am..........)
  2. we chose to forget so that we could remember again
    so dont think that you are
    know it
    feel it
  3. Man what a load of shit:) So what?
  4. Man, It's just something I wrote while I was stoned the other day. I had fun writing it. Try to have fun reading it. Or not. It gave me pleasure to write it and post it. so I guess that's the so what.
  5. Point taken. I just considered the info and none of the above possibilities.

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